What was once a very thrilling sport in the state of Florida, will now be rendered obsolete under a new Amendment that was passed with a sweeping majority. Greyhound...
Elephants have long been suspected of having emotional attachments at par with humans. In the Indian state of Kerala, another such example came to light and took the internet...
In the first observed incident of its kind, a group of chimpanzees killing gorillas and even devouring an infant was observed in the forests of Gabon. The attack was...

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The Inspiring Story Of Hikmet Kaya: Forest Chief Plants 30M Trees Single-Handedly

At a time when climate change and global warming pose a grave threat to the environment, there is something about solo initiatives when it...

The Parrotfish : Nature’s Conservationists Face Localized Extinction

The parrotfish are a collection of close to 90 species of fish that are mostly focused on the Indo-Pacific region. This species is common...

14 Dandelion Facts As Interesting As The Fluffy Plant

Even though Dandelions are so cute, many regions classify them as a weed. The Latin name of the plant is Taraxacum officinale. It refers...



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