It was over a decade ago that psychologists predicted that more and more people would head for the shrink as climate anxiety overcame them. There were many skeptics then,...
Pablo Escobar is a prominent character for several reasons and one of those reasons is being the wealthiest criminal in human history. On the other hand, he had a...
The Guianan Cock-of-the-rock belongs to the Cock-of-the-rock species and measures about 30 cms in length. This bird weighs around 200-220gms and is found especially near the tropical rainforests. It...

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Have you ever seen “ghost apples”? This phenomenon is the result of record-low temperatures

Undoubtedly, nature is capable of producing some pretty magnificent things, and a Sparta, Michigan, resident just so happened to be in the right spot...

Snowstorm in the United States transforms Niagara Falls into a winter wonderland

The Niagara Falls have changed into a partially frozen winter wonderland as a result of the recent wave of subzero temperatures that have engulfed...

The Inspiring Story Of Hikmet Kaya: Forest Chief Plants 30M Trees Single-Handedly

At a time when climate change and global warming pose a grave threat to the environment, there is something about solo initiatives when it...



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