An investigation by Michael Moore at Washington University has found that male dragonfly wings lose the patterns in their wings linked to reproduction due to climate changes. Mr. Moore...
Tulsi Gowda has met the Indian President without wearing shoes! Gowda is of seventy-two years and resides in Karnataka. She is one of the most famous faces when it...
Human activity is a major reason for such a change in the environment, so it is advised to keep some eco-friendly habits handy. We have heard so much and seen...

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Have you ever seen “ghost apples”? This phenomenon is the result of record-low temperatures

Undoubtedly, nature is capable of producing some pretty magnificent things, and a Sparta, Michigan, resident just so happened to be in the right spot...

Snowstorm in the United States transforms Niagara Falls into a winter wonderland

The Niagara Falls have changed into a partially frozen winter wonderland as a result of the recent wave of subzero temperatures that have engulfed...

The Inspiring Story Of Hikmet Kaya: Forest Chief Plants 30M Trees Single-Handedly

At a time when climate change and global warming pose a grave threat to the environment, there is something about solo initiatives when it...



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