A Pet Lion Was Filmed Roaming Cambodian Streets, Netizens Enraged

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A rather alarming incident took place in Cambodia recently. An enormous pet lion was seen walking on the city streets without any supervision. A video of it was soon posted on the social media platform, TikTok. Needless to say, netizens soon took the chance to raise an outcry regarding the situation.

Now, the fact that the pet lion was unsupervised was not the only problem for the netizens. The Phnom Penh pet lion was later reported to belong to Qi Xiao, a wealthy businessman from China. The journalist reporting on the incident also revealed worryingly that the animal lived in a residential house in the area and was defanged and declawed.

The Pet Lion Was Also Defanged!

The lion was apparently seized by Cambodian authorities from the wildlife department a few months back, from its residence. However, the seizure resulted in Cambodian rich kids raising an outcry. They were of the opinion that wealthy people can do whatever they want to do.

Evidently, Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of Cambodia had intervened in the affair. After his intervention, the creature was handed back to the owner. Only one condition was levied, that the owner should keep the lion secured inside a cage.

The journalist, Andrew MacGregor Marshall, from Scotland, revealed that the lion was cruelly defanged and declawed. However, it is still a wild creature, and living with humans cannot be good for him. The terrible condition is also terrible. The lion’s welfare is at risk due to the conditions.

The clips have also started a conversation regarding animal cruelty with social media users. Most were scared about what would happen if the pet lion remembered its predatory instincts.

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In a report by the BBC, reports about the lion were published. The report said it was a male lion and 18 months old. The Chinese owner had smuggled the lion into Cambodia illegally. Wildlife Alliance, a group working on animal rescue, had explained how declawing and defanging a lion adversely harm the living quality of a lion. A Cambodian advocate of youth also explained that the Prime Minister’s interference was based on “emotions”, and not law, which was wrong.

We believe that wild animals live best in the wild, but let us know what you think of this curious case.

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