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About us

The Planet Voice's Mission and Vision.


The Planet Voice is an online media outlet catering to the global voice towards the safety of our planet. As a community, we are trying to expose the global issues that are slowly but steadily killing the earth. The Planet Voice highlights them and makes communities aware of how the future has been uncertain and will perish if we do not act now. But it’s not just about highlighting the issues. It is also about bringing forward the positive things many human beings like you and I are doing. Because at the end of the day all it takes is for a step towards sustainability, planting one tree at a time. Our major goal? — To make the world a sustainable space, where every voice that has been environmentally deprived, will have something to smile about.

Our Mission

The greatest issue the world faces today is the ecological disasters that are damaging the mother earth we grace. The core of these issues roots in the human nature of ignorance, unsustainability, and our regardless approach to natural resources. Our mission is to make sure you hear the voice of the planet that has so far been repressed. The Planet Voice seeks to raise awareness through trustworthy alternative journalism and articles to help eradicate stigmas surrounding sustainability and at the same time bringing into limelight the positive initiatives that are being taken up by our fellow humans. We hope to help those who want to be a part of the solution every single day. We are here to make an earnest attempt and make each one of us more aware, more engaged towards the cause of our environment. We believe that our voices are a powerful force. It is by raising our voices together that we can create a better future for the planet, for wildlife, and for humanity. And leave a planet that is greener more open and more sustainable for our future generations.