African Rivers Being Destroyed By Fast-Fashion Factories

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African Rivers are also experiencing the bitterness of globalization. The fast-growing industries all over the world have wreaked havoc on nature. Deforestation, soil erosion, climate change, pollution are all evils of our modernized society. Modern practices have cruelly impacted the earth.

The latest to get inducted into the list are the rivers of Africa. The river water is getting polluted by harmful chemicals thrown in by the nearby industries. Textile industries, in particular, use indigo as their main component. These chemical wastes are not treated properly before being dumped. In some cases, untreated wastes are poured down the rivers in raw form. These chemicals are severely damaging the quality of water. It is also threatening to endanger the surrounding ecosystem. 

African Rivers Suffers Serious Chemical Threat

Africa is always known to have a rich natural heritage. The aspects of Nature in the African continent are fabulous. The scenic beauty has marveled everyone for ages. The lush green forests, the high tree line, blue shores are some of the attractions of vintage Africa. However, all these seem to be quickly phasing out. The nature of Africa is being severely compromised by the growing pandemic of industrialization. 

Several countries in Africa have turned blue. Water Witness is a non-profit organization. According to their findings, fashion and textile factories are mercilessly dumping raw indigo into the rivers. Countries like Madagascar, Tanzania, Ethiopia & Lesotho have failed to maintain the norms of pollution control. Toxic wastes including metals, bleach, dyes are being dumped into the African Rivers. 

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The cheap cost of production, easy availability of low-cost labor have spurred industrial growth. High-end companies like GAP, Disney, Adidas, Puma, etc have set up their factories in Africa. Officials have blamed the government for not implementing the conservation laws. Brands have shrugged off responsibility from their shoulders. A spokesperson of a renowned brand stated that maintaining river health was not their forte. 

African Rivers are in severe danger. The natural habitat of aquatic animals is being threatened to get wiped out. According to Sareen Malik, brands should stand up and show their character in saving nature. Malik is the executive secretary of the African Civil Society Network for Water & Sanitation.

Feature Image Credits: Alexander Schimmeck

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