These Albino Animals Are The Snow-Whites Of The Animal Kingdom

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Albino animals are a unique existence in the animal world. Their whiteness comes from a lack of the natural pigment called melanin. This pigment is the one responsible for any color you see in any animal. This includes eyes, hair, and skins. A common example among humans is the occurrence of blue eyes. In that case too, like albino animals, there is an absence of the melanin pigment. Moreover, animals with white fur are not the same as albino animals. These animals are quite rare and catch everyone’s eyes when someone spots one.

However, albino animals pay a heavy price for captivating photos. Their natural wild lives are filled with struggles. The discolored fur takes away their natural ability for camouflaging, for both prey and predators. The lack of melanin in their usually reddish eyes also means their eyesight is usually poor. This makes for an especially tough life for predators who rely on their keen eyesight for hunting at night.

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Be that as it may, some albino animals have become very popular because of their striking appearance. Here is a list of some of the more well-known albino animals.

Albino Joey

albino animals

Recently in Russia, a small albino joey was born. Its name is Alisa. A joey is the child of a kangaroo. Officials of the zoo say that the youngling enjoys all the attention it gets from the humans who come to visit him. Alisa has a brother named Alik who has the normal color for his fur. Recently, both siblings grew up healthy enough to be moved to the open-air enclosure.

Albino Dolphin

albino animals

This is one of the few albino dolphins spotted so far. This one was found swimming merrily with a normal companion off the Southern Australian coast. These albino animals have been spotted as many as twenty times in the Gulf of Mexico. Two of the most popular ones are named Pinky (seen in 2007) and Angel (seen in 2014).

Albino Alligator

albino animals

This is the only known albino alligator in the entirety of Europe. He resides in a German Safari Park named “Serengeti” in its Hodenhagen village. It has the name “White Diamond”. The creature’s birthplace is the state of Louisiana in the United States. It then grew up in Florida’s St. Augustin-Alligator Farm. In 2008, it even traveled as a part of a reptile show called “Land der Reptilien”.

Albino Wallaby

albino animals

In the Czech Republic’s Decin Zoo, this photograph of the red-necked albino wallaby joey was taken just after its birth. This was the zoo’s first albino wallaby since it was opened, so officials were extremely excited over its birth. At the time of the photo, the albino wallaby was too small to live outside of the pouch of its mother. The mother, however, was also suspected of having two more siblings coming.

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Albino Southern Right Whale Calf

albino animals

Another one of the marine albino animals, this baby of a southern right whale was spotted in the Patagonia region of Argentina. There, it was seen surfacing near the coast of a peninsula named Valdez. Among whales, the most famous albino humpback is possibly Migaloo. It was spotted off the coast of Australia as far back as 1991. Since then it has been repeatedly caught by drone pictures migrating through the area. This picture was taken in 2010, on September 13th.

Albino Penguin

albino animals

An albino penguin was first revealed for visitors to marvel at Gdansk, a Polish port city in its Baltic region. The unique zoo inhabitant was only three months old at the time of the photograph. Officials had claimed that there are no other such penguins in captivity. Its species is the African black-foot. The officials reiterated that both the calf’s parents and officials were going the extra mile in looking after it. It was kept with six other adults to protect it before it can join the bigger group of 70 others in the Gdansk Zoo.

Albino Snakes

albino animals

These albino rat snakes are actually fairly common in the city of Iwakuni in the prefecture of Yamaguchi in Japan. The city has a Museum dedicated to White Snakes named “Shirohebi Shiryokan”. Along with that, there is also a shrine for the albino animals known as the Iwakuni Shirohebi Shrine. Visitors are free to visit both of the places to marvel at these unique rat snakes. The locals consider the white snake as a deity that brought them good fortune. So it is believed that the locals helped breed the white snakes, raising their numbers.

Albino Zebra

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Among albino zebras, albino zebras are perhaps the rarest, by the percentage of it occurring. However, in Kenya’s famous reserve of Masai Mara, this foal was spotted right at the border of Tanzania. There have been other types of unique colored zebras spotted in the area. One was completely black with white spots. There are others that are golden or “blonde”.

Albino Sea Turtle

albino animals

This albino baby turtle is swimming in a pond in Thailand’s Khram Island. The others are baby green sea turtles. The conservation center raises 15,000 baby green sea turtles annually. They are released when they are about 6 months old.

Albino Axolotl

albino animals

This picture was taken in Malaysia’s Kuala Lampur in Aquaria KLCC’s aquarium. It is an albino axolotl. Axolotls are a kind of salamander that spends its entire life in the form of a larva.

Albino Gorilla

albino animals

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This was Snowflake, the only known albino gorilla. He belonged to the western lowland species. He used to live in the Barcelona Zoo. Snowflake had an enriching popular life, from 1964 till 2003 as one of the most famous albino animals.

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