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Albino Turtles: A Case Study

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Albino Turtles are one of the rarest creatures that can be found on the Earth. Albinism in animals is a common occurrence. We have all come across several animals that suffer from the disease. 

Penguins, Whales, and Giraffes are some examples where albinism is a common occurrence. Sometimes, we can see Albino tigers as well. However, these turtles are very scarce. 

The possibility of a turtle suffering from albinism is one in 1000. The turtles are beautiful to look at. They usually have a reddish tinge to their body. 

Their eyes are bright red. The color of their skin along with their shells is orange. The colorful outlook of the turtles makes them look like angry animals. 

Comic book enthusiasts have humorously stated that the animal resembles Koopa Paratroopas, a character from “Super Mario”. However, there is a sad side to the story as well. The albinism of the turtles leaves them exposed to danger. 

Albino Turtle
Albino Turtle
Albino Turtle
Albino Turtle

Albino turtle is unable to possess their natural colors. These colors act as camouflage from predators. With the camouflage missing, the predators can easily spot them and hunt them down. 

Let us learn more about the turtles in detail below. 

Albino Turtle Are Fascinating Creatures 

These Turtles usually have a shorter span of life than normal ones. This contributes largely to their rare status. There is an interesting fact about these types of turtles. 

Albinism does not turn any turtle white. Sulcata is one of the rarest of the species. These species are more likely to be suffering from the problem of Albinism. However, they will still not be fully white. 

Albino Turtle is one of the most fascinating creatures on Earth. These are so rare that the internet goes into a frenzy when they spot one. A few years ago, a pink belly side neck tortoise went viral on the internet. 

The turtle had a unique feature. It had its heart popping out of its body. The creature was a female turtle and was named “Hope”. She continues to live to the present day. 

The owner of the turtle takes a lot of care of the turtle and also updates Instagram about its progress. 

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