Alligator Munches Drone Camera!

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Alligator was spotted munching on a drone camera. A TikTok video became viral recently that recorded this disturbing footage. The incident was said to take place in Florida. The Alligator was seemingly resting in the swamps of Everglades. However, things took a turn when a drone flew just above the animal. The camera seemed to have gotten too close to the alligator’s comfort. The beast was seen to launch on the drone ferociously.

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The camera suffered a great deal of damage as the reptile crushed it with its deadly jaws. Smoke was spotted coming out of the animal’s mouth moments after it attacked the camera. The predator thought the moving camera to be some kind of food. Let us discuss the incident elaborately below. 

Alligator Destroys Low Flying Drone 


Disturbing images have been recorded. A video on TikTok was published that showed a gator attacking an electronic drone. However, as the animal bit the device, smoke started coming out of its mouth. The electronic parts seemed to rupture which resulted in the smoke. If this was not disturbing enough, there is more. The smoke kept getting denser until the gator was no longer viable. The video was posted in two installments. The first part depicted the attack and the second part portrayed the aftermath. 

The video has drawn a lot of reactions from the locals. Most of the people felt terrified at the sight of an alligator attacking a camera. Others mostly felt concerned for the predator. They stated that the parts of the drone can have damaging impacts on the animal’s health. The camera was also powered by electrical parts. The gator most probably also suffered an electrical shock. Most of the people demanded the ban of electrical devices near any animal. They stated that this would do more harm than good. 

The Alligator seemed to be in discomfort after biting the camera. The gator immediately took a dip in the water as smoke oozed out of its mouth. A couple of more dips was required for the gator to completely get rid of the smoke from its mouth. 

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