American Butterfly Thought To Be Extinct Found In India

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American Butterfly species thought to be extinct has been discovered in India recently. The world is progressing at a rapid pace. New Industries and technological advancements are taking place every day.

This has made the life of the residents very much easier. However, it has brought a number of adversities along. The most prominent effects of industrialization can be seen on the environment. It has left an undeniable impression on nature. Pollution has become a great factor to worry about.

The rapid increase in pollution has shocked the whole world. Such factors contribute largely to the extinction of rare and exotic animals. People tend to cut down more and more trees to accommodate more space.

This often leads to animals losing their natural habitat. When an animal is deprived of its natural living space, it faces a lot of problems. Every animal and insect get accustomed to the temperature of their natural habitat.

Shifting to other places will mean a change in the temperature conditions. Many insects and animals are incapable of shifting. All these problems add up which ultimately leads to the extinction of several species.

Such was the case with Xerces. Xerces is a group of butterflies that are blue in color. These butterflies are one of the rarest species that can be found in the world. Scientists thought that the species became extinct about eighty years ago.

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However, they were shocked to find out that the American butterfly still exists. Such a revelation has made the environmentalists leap up in joy. The butterfly was spotted recently in Madhya Pradesh, India.

A couple of entomologists saw the butterfly and immediately reported them. Let us learn more about the American Butterfly in detail below. 

American Butterfly Is Still Out There 

It seems like the discovery of a lifetime has been made. A rare species of butterfly that was thought to be extinct has suddenly been discovered. The discovery was made by two professors from the MH College of Home Science & Science for Women.

Dr. Arjun Shukla and Shradhha Khapre spotted a beautiful American butterfly. They could not believe their eyes initially. The butterfly that was in front of their eyes has been termed as extinct about eighty years ago.

The last of these insects were spotted in the year 1941. The recent discovery was made near the Bargi Dam in Madhya Pradesh. The butterfly was spotted on 19th October as per reports. Interestingly, the sighting at the dam has been confirmed not to be an illusion.

A second encounter with the butterfly was recorded in Deotal Hillock. This place is situated in Jabalpur. The American butterfly was spotted again on 16th December. The difference in distance between the two sightings was thirty-five kilometers. 

American Butterfly: The Rare Blue Butterfly Xerces Still Exists 

Environmentalists did not waste time after the sightings of the Xerces were reported. They quickly collected the butterflies and preserved them very carefully. Scientists compared the samples of the recently found American butterfly with that of the specimens kept at the Museum of Natural History in Florida.

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They compared the physical structure of both the butterflies. A detailed examination of their wings, shape, color, and antenna has been done. This was done to make sure that the butterflies indeed were the extinct Xerces.

To everyone’s joy, the results of the examination matched. The American butterfly Xerces exhibits a rare blue color that makes it stand apart from the rest. Before it went extinct, the butterfly was last seen in San Francisco.

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