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American Singer Gets Attacked By Snake While Filming A Music Video

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Music videos that show the singer with a few wild animals are not exactly rare. There are even whole songs written with the name of a wild animal (for example, an Anaconda).

However, at the end of the day, no matter how trained they are, they are wild animals. They should always be treated with respect and care. Even then, like in this case with American singer Maeta, we can get reminded of how dangerous they can be.

Maeta’s Shocking Experience Of Being Attacked By Snake

In a recent post on Instagram, Maeta posted a short 4-second clip that showed what she went through. For both the singer and the viewer, the clip was quite graphic. In the clip, the singer is lying down and a snake is carefully placed on her body, as a part of the music video. However, the snake then suddenly lunges towards her chin.

Here is the video: Viewer Discretion is advised as the video contains graphic content, and can cause severe fright.



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Maeta, who is now 21 years old, had signed with Roc Nation, the music label of Jay-Z, earlier in 2021. In the video, she was wearing a bodysuit made of black lace. The snake was carefully lowered and allowed to roam free on the singer’s chest.

It should have gone on without any incidents, but the snake had other plans. It was a matter of seconds before the snake was seen slowly inching towards and then biting her face. The snake planted its bite right on her chin.

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Luckily, the snake was not poisonous and Maeta was quick to react. She caught the snake and pushed it off of her body, and then slowly rolled away. But the bite had been planted, and the pain was there.

She captioned her Instagram video: “What I go through to make videos for y’all.”

Viewers Were Worried About Both Parties

The fans of the singer were considerably scared by the incident. The clip has been viewed almost half a million times in just under a week. The singer soon posted follow-up messages assuring the viewers that neither she nor the snake was hurt in any way.

But the fans remained concerned. One said that she was lucky the snake did not manage to grip firmly. They also requested other viewers to not view snakes negatively because of this incident. Some others commented on the need to even bother wild animals in such human matters when they should clearly be left alone.

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