Artist’s Heartbreaking Short Comics About Animal Abuse Shows Our Cruelty

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Animal abuse has been one of the biggest concerns in the modern-day world.

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With the rapid rate of industrialization, humans tend to forget about other life forms that coexist with us. The most prominent example is the trees.

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We mindlessly cut down trees for our profit. We don’t give much of a thought about the consequences that might follow.

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One such problem has been the cruelty to animals. Pollution and deforestation are taking a heavy toll on the animal kingdom.

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The dumping of plastics and other harmful chemicals in the water makes life difficult for marine animals.

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Trees are being cut down to accommodate more and more industries and housing space. This makes thousands of species of birds lose their natural habitat.

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A recent study has revealed that the ocean contains almost eighty percent plastic waste.

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To draw our attention to the rising animal abuse, a comic artist from Hong Kong has come up with a unique idea.

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Joan Chan is thirty-two years old. Chan has illustrated a series of comic strips that portrays the sorry state of animals.

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She has named the series “Just Comics”. Let us learn more about the story in detail below.

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Animal Abuse Illustrated By Joan Chan 

The series is dedicated solemnly to awareness purposes. The main aim of Chan is to spread awareness among the mass.

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She feels that today’s citizens know a lot less about what is going on in their surroundings.

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In order to convey the message, Chan is creating short strips of comics.

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Chan believes that through her comics, she can stop the painful breeding of the animals.

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These animals are utilized for meat, clothes, and a lot of different reasons.

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Chan stated that he loves animals very much. Her love for the animals had made her take a stand against animal abuse.

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Chan was asked about how long it takes to finish a strip.

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Joan stated that because she works very slowly, it takes her up to two days to complete a comic.

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Chan stated that she will be illustrating heartbreaking stories about animals that will make an impact on society.

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The artist is confident to stop animal abuse significantly with her ” Just Comics” series. 

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So, what did you think of the comics? You can support Joan at her Patreon, and view more of her works over on Instagram

All Image Credits: Joan Chan

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