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A Step In The Right Directions After Animal Fur Production And Sale Is Banned In California

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California has emerged as the first state that has taken the decision on banning the manufacture and sale of animal fur. In addition, California has become the 3rd state to bar the use of animals in the circus under 2 bills. These 2 revolutionary bills had been signed by Gavin Newsom, the Governor of the state.

The law that bans animal fur apparently bars the citizens of the state from producing or selling any clothing, shoes, or handbags made of animal fur from the year 2023. Animal rights workers and groups have lauded this measure that has taken a stand against the inhuman practices.

This proposal of the ban had faced a vigorous outrage from the fur industry of the United States of America. The animal fur industry is a massive billion-dollar sector in the country and has an enormous influence on the economy. The Information Council of Fur of America has already threatened to sue the fur companies in case they keep up their fight.

It is known that the signing of legislation by Newsom to ban the production and sale of animal fur has made California the first state in the entire nation to take this stand. Moreover, it is surprising to note that San Francisco, as well as Los Angeles, have also followed suit. California has paved the path for these states to also ban animal fur.

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Animal Fur Rights Law Revision In California

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Even though this law has banned the complete use of fur for commercial purposes, products made for religious purposes or tribal people have been excluded by this law. Some instances of this exception are selling of dog or cat fur, leather, deerskin, and skins of goat and sheep are not included in this law.

Furthermore, the fur that is preserved through taxidermy is also excluded. On the other hand, this new law has restricted the sale of any product that is made from animals including chinchillas, rabbits, or minks. The law also mentions that a $1,000 will be imposed as a fine in cases of violation of the new law.

The US retail fur industry has raked in an estimated sale of a massive $1.5 billion during 2014. This was reported by the Fur Council based on their recent data while they opposed the law. Contrary, major fashion labels such as Giorgio Armani, Gucci, and Versace have already stopped using animal fur.

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New Animal Rights Measures

The animal rights groups appealed that animals might be subjected to electrocution, gassing, or other dreadful actions in order to obtain animal fur. One specific Advocacy Group has stated that they are working in collaboration with activists to pass many similar bills. Their efforts are directed towards the cities including Portland, Oregon, and Minneapolis. They are very optimistic that the California law will motivate their actions elsewhere as well.

However, the opponents of this law have said although this law is commendable, it definitely creates black markets. This law will also act as a slippery slope in banning several other animal-related products in the future.

California has joined Hawaii and New Jersey to ban numerous animals from performing in the circus. Although the law excludes domesticated horses, dogs, and cats, along with rodeos. Circuses were already declining and major circus companies were closing down for the past few years.

Nonetheless, there is a minimum of 18 circuses that do not use animals for entertainment like Cirque du Soleil. Such circus groups have been thriving. This law is greatly supported by PETA.

This law stated that penalties up to $25,000 each day might be charged for every violation.

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