Adorable Animal Video Shows Baby Orangutan Clutching Mother

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The Sumatran Orangutans are an especially endangered species. In their native habitats, palm oil plantations are pushing them towards extinction every day. But in a zoo in the United Kingdom, conservation efforts have resulted in this cute baby orangutan.

In Chester Zoo of the United Kingdom, the adorable animal video was taken. The baby orangutan had just been born. The keepers of the orangutans were ecstatic. The orangutans live for a long time. As a result, their reproduction rates are extremely low. So any baby orangutan is a comparatively rare birth. Since this was in captivity, that made this one even more special for conservationists.

The Baby Orangutan Only Knows Mother

The Sumatran baby orangutan, who is currently classified as critically endangered, was born on 19th June. It happened at Chester Zoo which is located on Cheshire Street. The names of the parents are Puluh and Emma. Both of the parents are now 34 years old. The pregnancy period for orangutans is fairly longer than for humans. This orangutan baby was born after a pregnancy period that lasted somewhere between eight and nine months.

The experts tending to the orangutan at Chester Zoo said that the baby orangutan’s sex is not yet known. They will try to determine it when they get the chance. So far the chance has not presented itself at all. Since the baby orangutan is refusing to let go of its mother from the moment it was born into the world.


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This is the first baby orangutan that has been successfully birthed at the Chester Zoo. The Zoo’s orangutan group had to be moved out near the end of 2019 since a devastating fire had broken out. But since then, they have returned to the home known as “Monsoon Forest” at the Chester Zoo.

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Presently, Sumatran Orangutans are on the brink of being permanently extinct in their natural habitats. As such, the birth of the baby orangutan gives hope to conservationists across the globe. They hope that this baby orangutan will rejuvenate their chances as they hope to save this unique species of great apes.

The Birth Brings Hope For The Species

The native home of Sumatran Orangutans is in the forests of South-Eastern Asia. Sadly, their numbers have dwindled to less than 14,000 in their natural habitats. The IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) has formally recognized its status as being critically endangered. The number may seem large, but due to their slow rate of reproduction coupled with their continuous loss of habitat, it is declining rapidly.

Among the zoo’s staff is Claire Perry, a specialist in keeping primates. She said that Sumatran Orangutans are among the most threatened larger mammals in the entire world. As a result, this orangutan baby arriving safely is an especially special moment for everyone involved.


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She explained that this is not Emma’s first childbirth. She has plenty of experience in caring for babies. This was made clear at how quickly she and the baby orangutan made a very close bond. For the keepers, the gentle cradling of Emma is a wonderful sight to behold.

Claire added that the baby orangutan is a crucial booster for the international breeding program for the conservation of the species. The program has the objective of ensuring that the population of the orangutans remains over a certain safe threshold. That is to create a kind of net for safety. The program enlists the help of the best progressive zoos in the world to look after these endangered animals.

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Claire also hopes that the baby orangutan will help them raise awareness regarding how rainforests are being destroyed in South-Eastern Asia. In the British mainland, it is only at Chester Zoo that Sumatran Orangutans are found. The animal video was recorded between 19th June and 7th July.

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