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Animal Video Captures Dish-Washing Monkey Being A Diligent Worker

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Monkeys are one of the species that are the closest relatives to us humans. Not only have they shown their acute intelligence while handling man-made stuff, but they also have opposable thumbs. As a result, something like dishwashing is not something special for the creatures. But, for us, a dish-washing monkey is hardly something we see every day.

This animal video is from India. The small monkeys here are known for their adorableness. They are also known as being comedians, often being quick with their hands. In places where there is heavy footfall, monkeys have been seen to imitate begging like humans. Of course, should a human try to ignore them, they can also pull off harmless little pranks.

The Roadside Dish-Washing Monkey

In India, a roadside shop for tea and other snacks went viral because of the animal video featuring the dish-washing monkey. The dish-washing monkey’s activity was not only hilarious for those who watched it, but also extremely uncommon. In the clip, a monkey is seen cleaning a plate identical to how a human employee of the tea shop would do it.


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The viral animal video was first seen on Instagram. It was uploaded on a page with the name Ghantaa, the Indian word for bell. The humor behind the scene of the dish-washing monkey was brought out in full form with the caption accompanying the post. It read that everyone has to work hard.

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The animal video featuring the dish-washing monkey also had some editing done to it, to make the clip even more entertaining. Someone added a popular dialogue from Raaes. It is a Bollywood film starring one of the country’s most famous actors, Shahrukh Khan. In his voice, the dialogue spoken in Hindi is roughly translated as someone recalling the life lessons of his mother. He is saying that his mother used to tell him that no kind of work is ever small. The mother had also told him that there is no better or bigger religion in the world than working honestly. It would seem like the dish-washing monkey understood the proverb better than a lot of humans.

The Monkey Is A Perfectionist

The viral clip then starts showing the area and the people around the dish-washing monkey. Everyone present in the tea shop had gathered around the dish-washing monkey and was watching intently at the unusual and interesting thing that was going on. The focus of the camera then took a few seconds to go back to the dish-washing monkey. Now, it was sitting on top of one of the tables. There was a tub filled with water inside which it was sitting.

Remarkably, the dish-washing monkey was holding and cleaning the plate using the water. However, it was not simply an act! The dish-washing monkey had every intention of making the plate sparkle. So after washing it thoroughly, it brought the plate up to its face and smelled the plates. This way, and by looking at it minutely, the dish-washing monkey decided if it was clean enough.

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On Instagram, the viral animal video has gotten over 2 and a half lakh likes at the time of writing. Users made hilarious comments trying to find out what exactly was going through the mind of the dish-washing monkey. One commented that it must be saying how working is necessary for food. Another said that the dish-washing monkey is the most suitable for being the month’s best employee.

However, some pointed out that this was cruel towards the creature, and hoped that it would be stopped. But since there are no signs of the creature being captive, most are praising the monkey for being more diligent than humans.

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