This Animal Video Of A Monkey Kissing A Chick Will Warm Your Heart

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Every day there is an animal video on the internet that can brighten up the day, no matter how bad it is going. This latest viral animal video of a monkey kissing a young chicken is no different. As with every one of the others, this too will fill you with hope. It is also sure to make you shed a tear by the time you finish watching it.

By now, it is a known fact that animals have and feel emotions. Maybe not as many as humans, but they do have the basics like happiness, sadness, or anger. The presence of emotions and the types found among animals are thought to have a relation with the emotions that you and I have. Of course, it is also assumed that their emotions evolved in the same way that ours did.

The Caring Monkey Kissing The Fearful Chick

However, in the face of the past few years, it is becoming clearer that animals can be kinder and more caring than humans, at times. One such animal video was posted on Twitter recently. The stars in the video are two very small animals: a monkey and a young chicklet. However, social media users could not let go of the video at all.

In the heart-warming and simple animal video, a small baby monkey is shown. He is seen, what can only be described as, taking care of a young chick. The chick, however, is agitated so what does the monkey do? A very touching and cute scene of the monkey kissing the baby chicken unfolds. That is the only way the young one could think of calming his bird friend down.

In the viral video, the monkey can be seen sitting down on top of a leaf of a banana tree. The monkey kissing is not the only cute scene, as it also does not forget to play with the young chicken to keep it entertained. Of course, it also keeps a tight hold of the chicken using one hand while he plays and pets it with the other.

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The young chicklet, perhaps fearful of this other animal that does not look like it, attempts to flee from the young monkey. However, the monkey immediately pulls the chicken back into his embrace. Then the monkey kissing scene unfolds once more. This time around, he sits resolutely and hugs the baby chicken warmly. If this does not melt your heart, then we don’t know what will.

The Reception Differs

Susanta Nanda, an officer of the Indian Forest Service, had posted the animal video on Twitter. In the caption for the video, he said that he loved the interaction between two innocent souls. He called the monkey kissing lovingly magical.

monkey kissing

However, while most users seemingly agreed with the original post, some saw the act of the monkey kissing as being done without consent. A user with the name shanx123 commented that the baby chick was being held down against the baby’s will. So it should not matter that the monkey kissing caringly scene occurs. He thinks that referring to such a forceful interaction as being magical is the same as calling a villain a Love God.

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Some others offered a more philosophical perspective. One comment by the user, @ncsukumar read that the more we see, the more it becomes apparent that the complex of inferiority and superiority only exists among humans. Other animals have no problem respecting members of other species. Nevertheless, it is must be agreed upon that it is one of the cutest animal videos out there!

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