If Given Voice: Creating A Universe Where The Voiceless Might Be Heard

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For us humans, being able to speak is one of the traits we pride ourselves on. It is a natural gift that has let us understand ourselves and build societies. At the same time, we rarely try to understand the other animals on this planet who cannot speak our language. Unfortunately, over history, we have taken advantage of their inability to inflict various types of harm on animals.

Now imagine, if animals found the ability to speak to us humans. What would their tone be? Thankful or hurt and betrayed for all that we have done to them and their surroundings. Or, maybe they would simply ask us why we ever harmed them if given voice.

These short comics by artist Milk DoNg does exactly that. Let us see what awaits us in the minds of these innocent animals.

The Melting Home Of Polar Bears

if given voice

This image is of a polar bear wearing a life jacket. It has a tear in his eye and is sitting tight on a very small piece of ice. The bear can only request when these animals could speak to us to give back the ice that we have melted through global warming. The polar bears have been losing their home continuously due to our selfish industrial progress.

Dogs As Pets

if given voice

Many of us like to keep pets. However, many of us forget that they are living beings too, and not just toys for our amusement. As such, we breed dogs and other pets according to our whims, to get a better pet. The dog can only ask us why she is made to suffer like that.

Cruelty Of Orangutans

if given voice

This is an exceptional instance of cruelty that we inflict. There are cases where orangutans have been dressed up as humans and raped. The locked-up animal cannot resist such cruelty on its own.

The Bleeding Gums Of Elephants

if given voice

Poaching has been one of the worst examples of animal cruelty. Over the years, elephants and rhinos have been killed for their ivory teeth. Here, we have an elephant asking for them back, after its teeth have been stolen.

Bears Being Cut Open

if given voice

Bear bile is thought to have important medicinal effects. So, over the years, we have hunted bears and killed them to extract the bile in their stomach. Thus, we have the bears wanting it back with a scar from where it was extracted.

Tigers Skinned For Fur

if given voice

Humans consider tigers as exotic and ferocious creatures. We consider it a sign of prestige if someone has tiger skin. So much so, that tigers have been hunted to near extinction just for their pelts. Thus, if given voice they just want their skin back.

The Harsh Labours Of Donkeys

if given voice

As humanity learned of agriculture, they also learned how to make animals work for them. Sadly, most of the time this involves whipping them. We force them to do what we want by inflicting pain. Donkeys are one of the most common animals used in labor.

Lost Horns Of Rhinos

if given voice

Similar to the elephant, humans have also killed and stolen the horns of rhinos. It is actually much worse for them since rhinos are now endangered in many places. They, however, only want a return even with all the hurt if given voice.

Deers Left With Bloodied Heads

if given voice

For Deers, antlers are a sign of how dominant they are in their group. However, for us, it is nothing more than pieces of decoration. Moreover, we actively hunt deers to harvest their antlers. Their annual shedding is hardly enough.

Sharks Being Killed For Delicacy

if given voice

Even the ferocious predator of the oceans is not safe from our hands. Shark fins are also assumed to have excellent medicinal properties. So, in some Asian countries, they are illegally hunted and their fins cut off and then eaten. Thus, if given voice they would only want the parts of their body back.

Taunting Bulls For Sport

if given voice

In Spain, there is a popular sport called bullfighting. A bull is intentionally enraged and then made to fight a matador. This person uses a red cape to dodge the bull and a sword to hurt the bull into submission. The cruel sport has been a source of entertainment for many years.

The Cruel Killing Of Ducks

if given voice

In some European countries, we feed ducks unhealthy food to intentionally enlarge their liver. After killing them so cruelly, this fatty liver is served as a delicacy.

Pangolins Harvested For Medicines

if given voice

Pangolin scales are also thought of as items that can cure many diseases. Thus, the animals are bred and then killed so that the scales can be harvested.

Boars’ Loss Of Habitat

if given voice

As humans became more spread out, they needed more space to build houses. Thus, forests were cut down, and native inhabitants like boars were hunted. They lost their homes.

The Feast Of Dolphins

if given voice

Even these playful and intelligent mammals are no exception. An Asian country treats them as a delicacy and intentionally hunts them.

Cats As Pets

if given voice

Cats are just as popular as dogs when it comes to keeping pets. However, to do so, many of us cut off the cats’ claws so that they cannot scratch anything. For our convenience, they lose a part of their body. If given voice, words of protest would come out.

Stray Cats

if given voice

We seem to only care about animals when they are our pets. Stray cats are often beaten up brutally, just because they are searching for food.

Whales Hunted For Centuries

if given voice

Whales have been historically hunted extensively for their blubber. Here we have a baby asking us our reason for killing them if given voice.

Stray Dogs

if given voice

Stray dogs are treated similarly to stray cats. Moreover, not only are they beaten up, but they are also caught and sent to dog pounds. Here, they are usually caged up and treated harshly till they die. If given voice, they would just want their freedom.

Walruses And Their Disappearing Homes

if given voice 

Along with polar bears, walruses also make the polar ice caps their home. Global warming is taking away their home as well. They are joining their voices with the polar bears if given voice.

Tortoises Losing Land

if given voice

Global warming does not only affect the ice caps. It also leads to sea-level rise. Thus, amphibian animals like tortoises can find themselves permanently in the ocean due to our irresponsibility.

Making Fun Of Dinosaurs 

if given voice

We do not even let extinct animals rest in peace. We have misused their fossil fuels. Moreover, we use their existence as a source of entertainment. Dinosaurs are the best example. It is highly doubtful if they would want it if given voice.

Old Cats Still Love

if given voice

Another sad instance is when our pets get old. Many pet owners build a deep connection with their cats or dogs. Here, we have an old cat reassuring us not to be sad because it spent its whole life making its owner happy.

Harsh Life For Lost Dogs

if given voice

Here we have another example of dogs being caught. In Hong Kong, it is even worse as any dogs outside are being captured by the government. Even if they are beloved pets. So if given voice they would just want to go home.

Cougars Doomed To Extinction

if given voice

Cougars are a species that face extinction due to extensive hunting in their habitats. Thus they are now waiting for us to join them after death if given voice.

Depiction Of Tasmanian Devils

if given voice

This animal is popularly depicted in cartoons as being stupid and always hungry. Thus, the Tasmanian devil requests us to think twice about ridiculing them just because it cannot speak if given voice.

In the end, we must remember that just because they do not speak our language does not mean they do not have any feelings. In fact, they probably suffer so much more than us. So it is in our own interest to try to understand them.

Credits: Milk DoNg Comics 

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