Animals Reverse Roles In Illustrations Highlighting The Abuse They Face

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Animals have faced abuse, death, and extinction at the hands of humans for centuries. Sadly, many of the practices still flourish to this day. These include raising them as livestock, harvesting their skin for leather, or even hunting them to show them off as prizes. Animals are even forcefully made to entertain humans in zoos and circuses. They may not seem cruel but imagine if animals reverse roles.

Many of us seem to ignore the fact that animals are living, feeling beings too. They can feel pain and suffering, they can fall sick, and lament at the loss of a fellow being. But we keep using them and killing them to satisfy our needs. This has increased drastically as the human population has grown. Many species face extinction, let alone all the ones that have already perished.

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But what if the animals reverse the roles? What if animals are the species that are superior? How would humans suffer if they were to face the same one-sided torment? If it is difficult, Barbara Daniels, an artist from Ireland has illustrated the situation. The illustrations might give you a glimpse of what animals face daily.

Her work is based on what happens in the real world. The series named “Dominion Over Man” is a very popular piece on the internet. She also had started an animal rights campaign called “Happy Farms”. In it, livestock such as chickens slaughter humans in the way we do them in factories, and yet call it “ethical”!

How Would It Be If Animals Reverse Roles?

Here are some of Daniels’ illustrations. We will also talk about what they meant to us.

A Pet Contest But The Pets Are Humans

The piece has the name “Best In A Show”. The illustrations depict animal reverse roles with humans in a contest for pets. But we do not know how the victorious human will be determined.

Animal Reverse Roles As Mounts

One of the earliest methods of traveling for human beings was by riding animals. Named “Human Taxi”, this shows how being a Mount may feel like.

The Dairy Farms

This one is titled “Dairy Baby Housing”. Our beloved milk and dairy products come at the cost of millions of cattle and their calves. Imagine if our human mothers and infants were treated like this.

Animals Reverse Roles For Fishing

The superior fishes would be catching humans in the other world. So ‘Humaning’ is the title. Now you can see how horrific it would be to be lured and collected.

Seal “Clubbing”

Clubbing used to mean a different more brutal practice before we had the nightclubs. It meant using clubs as a weapon death. Clubbing let humans kill animals without harming the skin too much. Baby seals were the biggest victims. What if the animals reverse roles and took the weapon into their hands?

Animals Reverse Roles In Cities

Pigeons are a common sight in our sprawling city centers. However, we rarely give them any attention. In fact, most of us consider them as nuisances and scares them away. Here is a taste of when animals reverse the roles. The name is “Pigeons in The City Square”.


Exoticism is an idea imagined by us humans. Then we label rare animals like elephants and use them as mounts, disturbing their peaceful natural lives.

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Animals Reverse Roles In The Food Chain

For us, animal flesh and milk are commonly considered healthy. But suppose animals reverse the roles, and we were only “healthy foodstuff” for them.

Caged Birds

The most common way of keeping birds as pets is by caging them up. We take away their freedom and flight so that we are entertained. However, in this illustration, humans are treated the same way, locked and left in unfamiliar surroundings.

Animals Reverse Roles While Crossing Roads


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This is so common, we even have a word for it – roadkill. But most of the time, wild animals hit by cars are left without any treatment. Imagine the suffering if the roles are reversed.

Fashion Flesh

Animal skin has been a “fashionable” material for clothing for centuries. The rarer they are, the more premium they are. So what if they killed and wore us as skins?

Animals Reverse Roles For Scientific Tests

Even with all multiple guidelines, many factories continue performing illegal and abusive product tests on innocent animals. This is all in the name of making sure the product is safe for us humans.

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Showering Them With Too Much Attention

Going viral is a fast way to success for humans currently. And many, sadly, do it by showcasing and disturbing innocent animals. It would be much easier for humans if the animals reverse roles in this case.

Animals Reverse Roles For “Keeping”

Honey, like our dairy products, is also mass-produced through industrial farms. But in these farms, hives are controlled and often killed for the sake of the product.

Shelter For Humans In Place Of Animals

Animals are often “rescued” by humans and kept in shelters. However, many shelters treat these animals horribly, starving them and abusing them. If animals reverse roles, the cruelty would surely be apparent.

Animals Reverse Roles For Culling

Chick culling means separating and killing baby chicks that are not wanted. This makes the industry more productive, allegedly. Imagine killing born babies because we humans do not need them.

Wildlife Documentary

In another world, animals might look at us through their TV screens. Honestly, we would definitely be scarier than the animals in the wild right now.

Aquatic Animals Reverse Roles

Through our huge waste production, we continue to destroy the marine ecosystem. Many aquatic animals are dying because of eating plastic trash. If the roles were reversed, we could have found ourselves in this situation too.


This is a very clear picture. If animals reverse roles, cows would be justified to steal the breast milk of humans. After all, we do the same on a large scale.

Animals Reverse Roles As Materials

This one is one of the more horrifying illustrations. But we must remember that we continue doing the same – use so many body parts of animals as fashion materials

Fireworks Show

The bursts of light and sound from such shows can often cause animals to panic. Especially, when it is at night and they are resting peacefully. But we usually pay no heed.

Barbara Daniels has many more that you can see if these are not enough. One thing is apparent if animals reverse roles and they treat us like we do them… Thus, it would be much better if we mend our ways even if this is not a possibility.

All Image Credits: Barbara Daniels

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