Antarctica Faces The Risk Of Species Invasion

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Antarctica has been one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is covered with snow and is one of the most prized possessions of the Earth. Apart from being covered by snow, the region is also home to a number of exotic and exclusive species of animals.

However, a recent study has stated some facts that could prove disturbing towards the icy region. A group of researchers from the University of Cambridge conducted a research recently. They studied the icy region thoroughly and concluded that traveling ships could pose a serious threat.

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Ships and vessels travel through the snowy regions of Antarctica. However, there is a serious problem with so many ships flocking the region. One of the biggest concerns is that the ships might bring specimens of animals that actually do not belong to the region. Vessels from all around the world visit the snowy region for various purposes.

Such diversity might not be healthy for the region at all. It means that there is a high chance that all kinds of species from across the globe might come in contact with the icy region.

Arlie McCarthy has been one of the leaders that have spearheaded the study. Arlie stated that these ships are a potential source of invasive species. She feared that such invasive species might have a long-lasting impact on the ecosystem of the area. It can also alter the entire ecosystem which will result in a disaster.

Sea animals often cling to the surface of the ship. These animals travel long distances before letting go of the ship. The scientists fear that if such a thing happened in the snowy region, it can create a significant amount of problems for the natural habitat. Outside species might thrive in the region and pose a threat to the existing creatures of the area.

Let us learn more about the threats related to the snowy regions of Antarctica in detail below. 

Antarctica Might Suffer A Change In Ecosystem 

Every region in the world has its unique habitat. Local animals and insects create a habitat for themselves that acts as a healthy ecosystem for a particular area. The same is the story with Antarctica.

melting ice shelves in antarctica may accelerate sea level

The icy region is home to some of the most exotic species of animals. However, a looming threat of outside species invading the area prevails. Scientists have feared some outside species might end up in the region via one of the many ships that pass by the region.

Such species might function in such a way that it would be a hazard for the already existing species of animals. The new species of animals might be forming an ecosystem and a habitat of their own. This can be very dangerous as it might completely destroy the existing ecosystem of the region. 

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Antarctica Species Invasion Threat Must Be Dealt With Carefully 

Scientists have issued warnings regarding the high traffic of ships in Antarctica. They stated that the change in the natural ecosystem of the area might seriously affect the Earth’s climate. Thus, it is high time that normalcy is restored. Researchers have given examples of how serious the situation can be.

Mussels are a very common species that cling to ships. They are extremely adaptable and can easily thrive in polar waters. However, there is one big problem with the mussels. Mussels tend to filter the water. This can be disastrous for the existing marine life. The habitat will be severely affected and the chemical balance of the water will be altered.

McCarthy stated that there is no need for any unwanted species in Antarctica. She urged the government of various countries to try to curb the number of vessels sent to Antarctica. This would in turn help to solve the problem of invading species to a great extent. 

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