Antarctica Hits Temperature Of 18.3C, Global Warming Continues To Melt The Ice

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Antarctica has just recorded its highest-ever temperature. The United Nations’ leading scientists have confirmed the alarming fears coming true. The polar region in the south recorded 18.3C. The WMO (World Meteorological Organization) announced the alarming highest of one of Earth’s quickest-warming places.

This reading was recorded on 6th February of last year at the Esperanza Station of Argentina in the Peninsula of Antarctica. The previous highest was 17.5C which was recorded on 24th March in 2015 at the same location.

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However, there was a higher recorded temperature of 20.75C on 9th February 2020 which the WMO did not accept. This temperature was recorded by an automatic station for monitoring permafrost on Galapagos’ Seymour Island.

The Antarctica Situation Is The Latest Climate Change Effect

The entire Antarctic region’s record is presently 19.8C. This was recorded in 1982 on a small island called South Orkney in the region. The average temperature for the coast of Antarctica is about -10C while for the interior’s highest part, it can be about -60C.

The enormous ice sheet of the region can be about 4.8km thick. 90% of the freshwater of the world is contained in them. This is enough to bring about a sea-level rise of about 197 feet or 60m if everything melts.


Professor Petteri Taalas, the Secretary-General of the WMO, said this verification is important since it helps them build an image of the weather and climate of one of the final frontiers of Earth. He added that the Antarctic has less coverage compared to the Arctic. Especially sustained and continuous climate and weather forecasts and observations are missing for the region. Of course, both regions play a significant role in directing ocean and climate patterns as well as rising sea levels.

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Professor Taalas added that the Peninsula of Antarctica is one of the most rapidly warming locations on Earth. Over the last half a century, the temperature has risen nearly 3C. He concluded that this record is in line with the present climate change. So, WMO and the Treaty System of Antarctica are collaborating and working towards conserving the pristine continent.

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