Argentina Lake Pollution: Why Does Everything Look Bright Pink?

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Environmentalists have been alarmed at how the Argentina lake pollution has turned an entire lagoon to appear bright pink.

Argentina Lake Pollution

The lagoon is near the south of Argentina, around the Patagonia region. The pollution is due to an aggregation of sodium sulfite. Sodium sulfite is a byproduct produced in factories that tend to fishes. This chemical is used exclusively to preserve fish or prawns to export to other regions.

The Reason behind Argentina Lake Pollution

The enormous amount of sodium sulfite has polluted the Chubut river and other sources of water, in the earlier days. The Corfo Lagoon, which is the main character in the Argentina lake Pollution story, also emits a foul and disgusting smell during the day.  

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Pablo Lada, the environmentalist, stated that the people who are poisoning other people and polluting these water sources must be questioned. The residents have already shared their concerns about pollution but the authorities have not paid any attention to their concerns. They believe that such a change in color causes no damage and that the color would disappear in a few days.

Argentina Lake Pollution

The Corfo lagoon looked completely pink, the previous week. The Pinkish color remained till Sunday. The lagoon was not open for recreational activities as it received wastes. The lake had turned the color of fuchsia once before. The problem has worsened since the last time. Waste was dumped near Rawson, but due to the rebellions by the locals, the waste is being dumped near Trelew. The lagoon looks really exotic from the aerial photographs taken but once you are on the grounds, it emits a foul smell. 

What The People Think

The activists that were looking into the Argentina Lake Pollution story, stated that sodium sulfite should have been treated properly before being dumped into the water source. The treatment is compulsory as stated by the Law.

The chemical that caused Argentina lake pollution, came from industries in Trelew.

The people staying near these industries were tired of the smell because of the Argentina lake pollution. The residents of Rawson chose to block the road that the trucks used. The trucks are used to carry the processed fish from these industries. These fishes were taken to the treatment plants on the outskirts. Pablo Lada mentioned that dozens of trucks moved every day and the residents were getting more restless every day.

The protests made the authorities give permission to the factories, to dump their wastes into the water source close to it, that was the Laguna de Corfo.

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Juan Micheloud stated to the media that the color will not cause any damage and will disappear in a few days. The company that was transporting the effluents made an agreement with the Chubut officials that the liquids will be dumped in the Corfo Lagoon. Juan is the control chief for the environment in the same province of Chubut.

Sebastian de la Vallina mentioned that minimizing such a serious issue like the Argentina lake pollution was impossible. Sebastian is the planning secretary for Trelew city.


The province of Chubut, Argentina has a large number of fish factories that hire a lot of residents. The province has a population of 600,000. These fish processing companies work in the water areas under the Atlantic jurisdiction of Argentina. The fish processing units generate a whole lot of vacancy but they do not want to incur more costs by taking the waste to a proper treatment plant 35 miles away in Puerto Madryn. The Argentina lake story has brought all these things to Global attention and we hope that necessary changes will be made.

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