Armadillo Lizard Is A Mini Dragon

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Armadillo Lizard is one of the rarest creatures. It is basically a reptile that looks very much different from the traditional ones. It is referred to as the cutest living reptile on the planet at the moment.

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The lizards get their names from the armadillos. Like the armadillos, these lizards also exhibit armor-like scales. These creatures also curl up when they get scared. This behavior of the reptiles is very much similar to the armadillos.

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However, there is more than the armor-like scales on the insects. These lizards have other fascinating properties as well. These lizards are usually found hiding between the rocks.

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They like to curl up and rest inside the cracks formed within the rocks. The deserts of South Africa are usually the natural habitat for the Armadillo lizard.

One of the main reasons for the creature to hide inside crevices is the harsh weather. The climatic condition in the deserts is very rough. Let us learn more about the creature in detail below. 

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Armadillo Lizard Is Unique In Many Ways 

The armadillo lizard is unique in many ways. It is one of the rarest species that reproduce sexually. Reptiles usually give birth to their young ones by laying eggs. These lizards can be found in various colors.8ca34cb29d31c550b22755feafd91913

They usually exhibit a dark brownish shade. However, some lizards also have a yellowish-brown tint to their scales. 


The armadillo lizards are one of the easiest creatures to distinguish. They are covered with tough scales. The underside of the lizards is the only part that remains uncovered.


In case the creature senses danger, they curl up completely shielding themselves with their tough spines. The spines protect the lizards from threats like snakes and other predators. 

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