Athletic Elephant Climbs Wall In Pursuit Of Mangoes!

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In a park in Zambia, an elephant showed off unique agility as it clambered to get past a wall 5 feet high. The animal was trying to get at the mangoes inside a lodge for safari tourists. The huge mammal kicked over its four legs just like you and I would get over a small wall.

The whole sequence of events was caught by a man from Lancashire visiting the place. The incident happened in the Zambian National Park in South Luangwa. Mfuwe Lodge’s guests had shortly left their housing to go on their safari drive in the afternoon on a Saturday. Coincidentally (or perhaps intentionally), the male adult elephant dropped by without anyone expecting it.

68-year-old Ian Salisbury, the General Manager caught sight of the elephant bull planning and thinking about how to get the four huge legs up and above the wall. It was a stone wall and he knew he would fall over if his legs got stuck.

The Antics Of The Elephant

Then Ian took a comedic and amazing series of photos of what followed. The huge mammal threw its legs across the wall to get some leverage. The act is similar to how any human would climb the obstacle by first kicking one leg up and then using it as support to get the other leg and the body up.

The lodge is owned by The Bushcamp Company. The Company’s managing director Andy Hogg even got the wanderings of the elephant on video. It wandered around searching for mangoes for a short time, and sadly, it failed to find any.


The local staff and personnel say that this is not a rare occurrence. An elephant family allegedly come to the location in the South part of Africa during the period of October till the middle of December. However, this particular elephant was late and hence unexpected. As such, the creature was looking for mangoes that were not in season at the moment.

Ian is originally a resident of Bacups in Lancashire, UK. He explained that the creature simply decided to take the most straightforward route. And once, getting across did not feel out of place or nervous in a foreign place at all. It was as if it was his home.

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He said that the tourists staying at the lodge were amused with the thought that there was an elephant that could climb walls. They were amazed by the fact that the creature would choose to and then try to get over the substantially high wall. However, their scheduled safari drive inside the Zambian Park kept them away from witnessing the moment in person. Ian said that they were quite sorry to have missed it.

Pretty Athletic For A Quadrupedal

There is an open area for a foyer in the center of the lodge. The area attracts the elephant family in the beginning days of the cold winter season. However, usually, the herd takes a pathway that is stoned. They have never taken this approach of getting past the wall directly.

Ian explained that for the personnel, the elephant was a stranger. But the bull was curious about the area. Moreover, he had seen the huge mango tree in the foyer in the center. So, obviously, he must have been hungry and thought he could have some mangoes in the wild. But the time for the fruit had gone past for the year, sadly.

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The strange thing is though, after looking around a bit and munching some grass, he climbed over the wall AGAIN to get back.

A possible explanation was that the rare wet weather had caused floods which forced the elephant to take the detour. But the whole thing remains an amusing mystery for all of us.

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