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Baby Elephant Saved by Girl From Muddy Ditch, Netizens Calls It “Adorable”

Online videos abound showing how well humans and animals get along, and in the case of elephants, there are several instances of them helping...

Horrifying! Hundreds of birds are killed in Kerala after a tree is cut down for road expansion

Hundreds of birds were slaughtered and their eggs and nests were destroyed in a terrible incident in Kerala's Malappuram district after a group of...

Unbelievable Video Shows 5-Foot Alligator Inside Burmese Python

Shocking video making the rounds online shows an entire alligator discovered inside a Burmese python in Florida. Field workers in Florida's Everglades National Park captured...

24 elephants in Odisha forest sleep for hours after drinking country liquor

People from a village in Odisha went into a forest to produce "mahua," a traditional country liquor, but discovered that a herd of elephants...

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