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The Strange Case Of Wetlands And Desert Formation

The wetlands across the world are finally getting their due recognition and acknowledgment for the immense importance they play in the climate crisis. However,...

Once Fire-Proof Amazon Rainforests Turned Inflammable 

The Amazon rainforests are widely considered as the lungs of the planet for a good reason. Protecting the forests and wetlands has become crucial...

Sea Level Rise: Ominous Effect Of Global Warming And Climate Change

Climate change has been a pro-active phenomenon and the repercussions are extensive and irreversible. One of the most significant and disturbing impacts of climate...

Migratory Birds: Their Flights Charted Through Northwest Mexico

If one were to wake up early on a January morning, there is a huge possibility that they will be able to see migratory...

Climate Refugees: A Huge Section Left Stranded By The World

65.6 million climate refugees are completely stranded across the world. Recently significant worldwide diplomats met in Geneva and New York to reach upon some...

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