Baby Elephant Rushes To Save “Drowning” Man, As Another Lesson To Humanity

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Recently an immensely cruel incident had taken place in the Indian state of Kerala. Many who got to know of the incident began doubting if humanity even existed anymore. However, it definitely does. Even if humans are not as capable of showing it, there are other animals like this baby elephant that can show it. The video had originally been shared in 2016. However, after the horrible incident in India, the video showing the baby elephant saving a man “drowning” in water became viral once more.

To start with, let us remind you of the sad and tragic story first. An elephant, carrying a baby in its womb, was horrifyingly killed by humans. This was a cause of sadness and shock for many. Everyone who came across the news, including celebrities and normal netizens viewed the incident with heavy condemnation. Most demanded that the elephant received some justice.

The Lesson For Humanity By The Baby Elephant

However, some of them replied by sharing this video of the baby elephant giving a lesson to humanity. They stated that humans have been helped by the majestic creatures several times, many of which are on video record. In this specific video, the baby elephant saw a man struggling in some water. It immediately went to lend its trunk to help the man.

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The video is a short clip of about 42 seconds. The helping nature of elephants was on full display in the shared video on Twitter. In the clip, a man can be seen first swimming in a river. He was going with the flow of the river. However, to the baby elephant, it seemed like the man was struggling in the water. Fearing that he was drowning, it rushed over to help the man stay afloat. In its rush, it left the safety of the clan it was with who were grazing around on land. Then he ran into the river water to attempt to bring the man back on the ground.

In the first moments, the man was afraid when he saw the baby elephant rush towards him. So he immediately makes a beeline for the shore. However, it does not take long for the juvenile elephant to reach the man. Then it extended its trunk so that the man can hold on to it. The man, understanding the baby elephant’s intentions, smiles and takes hold of the helping trunk.

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The man then goes on to embrace a leg of the baby elephant while the elephant pours water from the trunk. While he was helping this human, the baby does not take any notice of how drenched he was getting. He also does not care that the water level reached its head at a deep point in the river. The baby elephant saw a person in trouble and rushed headlong to save the man.

The Truth Behind The Story

However, there is more to the story. The incident took place in Thailand’s Chian Mai where the Save Elephant Foundation operates. The baby elephant’s name is Kham Lha and the man’s name is Darrick Thomson. Darrick is the foundation’s co-founder and shares a special bond with Kham Lha.

While swimming, Darrick was actually calling Kham Lha, which she thought were cries for help. Thus, the charge. Kham Lha loves it when Darrick holds her trunk. In 2015, Darrick had helped in the rescue of Kham Lha along with her mother named Bai Teoy.

He had then spent a long time with Kham Lha, slowly healing her mental traumas. After that, she considers Derrick as a member of her herd.

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Over 70 animals have been saved by the Foundation. Their motto is simple: if we show the animals love, the animals will love us as well. And so far, it has not been proven wrong.

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