Baby Elephant Saved by Girl From Muddy Ditch, Netizens Calls It “Adorable”

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Online videos abound showing how well humans and animals get along, and in the case of elephants, there are several instances of them helping to save each other’s lives. In a recent Viral video, a young girl is seen rescuing a baby elephant out of a ditch.

Susanta Nanda, an officer of the Indian Forest Service (IFS), posted the video on Twitter on Thursday.
He penned these words when he shared the article: “She helped the elephant baby come out of the mud it was struck in. baby is acknowledged with a blessing.”

The 36-second video shows the baby elephant stranded in a muddy ditch between a rural road and a sugarcane field. The baby elephant is then helped out of the ditch as the girl keeps trying to lift it out of the ditch.

The animal, however, agrees to the woman’s help while avoiding personal contact. Finally, she is able to free the jumbo from the mud. In the final seconds of the film, the small elephant can also be seen lifting its trunk, presumably as a thank-you gesture for the girl’s efforts.

The video has received more than 7,000 likes and over 90,000 views since it was shared.
In just one day, 645 users have shared the video, and many users have praised the girl for her efforts in saving the elephant’s life.

A user posted, “Lovely! This planet equally belongs to everyone, and everyone should help each other. ”

Another person said, “Congratulations to this courageous woman, and I salute her for rescuing the elephant.”

The endearing interactions give us hope that people still care about animals and that the future may not be as dark as it appears.


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