Baby Gorilla Raised By Surrogate Mother Turns One

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The baby gorilla in this article was born in a zoo and was reared by the keepers while being raised by a surrogate mother. The baby is celebrating his first birthday now.

The baby gorilla, Hasani was born in Bristol and had to be raised by a surrogate mother after his own mom could not look after him.

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He had gone through a tough start but the 9kg gorilla is crawling now and can drink 4 bottles of milk every day. Hasani is developing just like a human, and at the same rate. 

The Story Of Hasani: The Baby Gorilla

Hasani was always stated to be an energetic boy, as told by his keepers. 

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He failed to get sufficient milk from Kala, his mother, and had to be bottle-fed 8 times in one day. 6 keepers were assigned to look after the baby gorilla for 7 months and worked round the clock to help him out. Kala belonged to the western lowland species of gorilla.

Gorillas need to have body contact to feel trusted and safe, so the team looking after him, had to wear vests with strings. The baby gorilla would then cling on to these strings and keep up. Alan Toyne was the leader of the team assigned to look after Hasani.

The baby gorilla had to be fed every 2 hours, at night and would sleep with the team members in their beds. The team members joked about not keeping an alarm as Hasani would wake them up, whenever he felt hungry. 

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After a passage of 8 months, Hasani was introduced to Kera, who raised the baby gorilla as the surrogate mother. The result was extremely positive and the team members were proud of their efforts. 

The surrogate mother and her new baby are fun to watch as the baby gorilla giggles with delight when Kera plays rough with him.

Baby Gorilla

Hasani is quite relaxed now and is slowly finding his position in the gorilla hierarchy. 

Hasani is continuing his journey to build up strength and take his first steps in the zoo. This baby gorilla belongs to a kind that is critically endangered, with only 100,000 gorillas left in the wild. 

Image Credits: Bristol Zoo

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