Baby Weasel Piggybacked On The Back Of A Woodpecker

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A magical and beautiful moment was caught by a photographer where a baby weasel was seen hitching a ride on a woodpecker’s back. 

It looks like a scene from the Disney movie, Aladdin, where Jasmine rode the magic carpet. The only difference between them is that the magic carpet was fictional while the story about the baby weasel and the woodpecker is true. 

Martin Le-May is an English photographer who comes from East London. He was taking a stroll in the park, with his wife, when he heard some squawking noises nearby the Hornchurch Country Park. 

The Actual Story About The Baby Weasel

He was surprised to see a bird fly past him, with a mammal on itself. This cute little incident made him pull out his camera and click these pictures.

It seemed like a beautiful image of 2 animals enjoying themselves but it was just the opposite. It was just a fight for survival between the baby weasel and the woodpecker. The baby weasel was trying to kill the woodpecker. 

The woodpecker landed after traveling some distance and the two animals had a small battle. The baby weasel was distracted by Martin and his wife and the battle did not settle with a certain winner. The woodpecker flew away after some time and escaped its impending doom. 

Weasels are famous for robbing the nests of birds. They even attack birds for food. They might seem like cute animals but they belong to the family of ferrets and minks and are carnivorous. They are basically small predators with slender bodies. These animals feed on smaller mammals and are considered to be vermin as they can take away rabbits or poultry from farms. They can also catch and kill rodents if they do not find plenty of food. 

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Martin Le-May had commented that the woodpecker left with its life and the baby weasel disappeared into the grass, still hungry and looking for more food.

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