Bee Conservancy Should Be An Immediate Focus

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Bee Conservancy has become increasingly popular in recent times. The insects are extensively used for industrial purposes. It is also used to maintain the ecological balance in the environment. 

In our fast-paced society, we are constantly harming our ecosystem. However, it is of utmost importance to look after the health of our own Mother Earth. Conservation of exotic insects and animals can be the first step towards it. 

A lot of species are on the verge of extinction. A number of them have been listed as critically endangered by the IUCN Red List. Bees are one such species that should be conserved. Bees belong to the Hymenoptera species.

 Sawflies, Wasps, and Ants are some other members of the groups. Twenty thousand species of bees can be found worldwide. However, there are no traces of the insect in the Antarctic region. Bees are one of the most vital insects. 

They can become a man’s best friend if taken proper care of. These insects are a vital component of total food production globally. Bees are responsible for the pollination of nearly three-quarters of all the crops. Bees are of great help industrially. 

A simple statistics can help to understand the situation better. Bees were responsible for the production of food crops worth Nineteen Billion Dollars in the year 2010. This number is estimated for the United States only. 


Imagine how many crops are produced with the help of the pollinating bees. Unfortunately, the scenario for the bee population is not looking all bright at the moment. There has been a sharp decline in the total number of bees found worldwide. 

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As per records, almost thirty percent of the total population of bees has become extinct. This phenomenon took place in the last five years. A shocking statistic has come to everyone’s notice. Almost one-third of the total number of US bee colonies have expired. 

Thus, it is very much needed to act towards the welfare of the bees. The extinction of bees is something we all would want to avoid. Let us learn some of the methods of Bee Conservancy in detail below. 

Bee Conservancy: Tips And Tricks 

We have previously discussed the importance of Bee Conservancy. Let us focus on some of the effective ways to make insects thrive. The easiest way to conserve bees is gardening. One can develop a garden with indigenous flowers. 

The nectar of the flowers will provide the necessary nutrition for the insects. Gardening for bees does not require much setup. A small space is all that is needed. One can even do the plantation on top of the roof. 

Another major reason for the extinction of bees is insecticide poisoning. The harmful insecticides that are sprayed on the plants are responsible for the death of the bees. One has to try to diminish the use of chemical insecticides as much as possible. 

Natural ones are way more effective and help in bee conservancy. Buying more products from the local bee firm is also a great way to support the locals. The more financially equipped the local bee farmers would be, the healthier the bees will be. 

You can also initiate a small bee firm yourself. If a major percentage of the population starts keeping bees, the numbers will see a drastic increase. 

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Bee Conservancy Is The Key To Financial Gains

Bee Conservancy is a topic that has been in recent news. Most of the governments and reputed organizations are already considering bee conservancy seriously. 

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A recent order has been passed for European countries. The order puts a restriction on the usage of a number of harmful insecticides. These chemicals are not permitted to be used in any agricultural fields of Europe. This decision has been taken to protect the welfare of endangered wildlife. 

The pesticide ban would also cater significantly to bee conservancy. We all need to understand one important thing- More bees will in turn mean more agricultural production. Bee Conservancy will restore the balance back to our ecosystem. 

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