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Bee Harming Pesticide Given The Nod In England

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Bee Harming Pesticide has been approved for use in England. Pesticides have always been a hazardous material. The initial purpose of pesticides was to protect the crops. 

Farmers found it very much difficult to safeguard the crops from insects. To resolve the matter, companies came up with the idea of pesticides. These pesticides contain chemicals that keep crop-harming insects away. 

However, there is a huge downside to these pesticides. They have a large number of harmful chemicals present in them. The chemicals are not at all good for the well-being of other insects and animals. Various animals are affected by these pesticides. 

Birds that eat the grains containing these pesticides suffer a lot. They often fall ill and sometimes die. Aquatic animals are also largely affected by the large-scale usage of such harmful pesticides. 

Rainwater washes the chemicals from the crops. The toxic water is then carried to the lakes and ponds. The fishes and other animals consume them making life difficult for them. 

Harmful pesticides are often found to deteriorate the quality of crops as well. This is because the chemical content in some of the pesticides is really high. Such fertilizers are often banned from being used. 

A similar bee-harming pesticide has been allowed to be used in England recently. The pesticide in question is high in harmful chemicals. It contains thiamethoxam which is extremely harmful to bee health. Bees fly around in search of nectar. 

When they suck on the nectar of such toxic crops, the chemicals get transferred to their body. This causes serious reactions in the bees and sometimes can lead to their death. 

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Such bee-harming pesticides were banned in England. However, a recent order has been passed that granted the usage of the same. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Bee Harming Pesticide: A Hazard

Environmentalists are going crazy over a recently permitted usage of a pesticide. The pesticide in question is bee-harming which was previously banned. 

However, the authority has allowed the use of the chemical under emergency circumstances. Such a decision has been taken due to the large-scale destruction of sugar beets in England. 

Bees 2

It was observed that sugar beet crops were being severely affected by a particular virus. This resulted in a huge loss for the farm owners. Thus, the authority granted the usage of a bee harming pesticide that contained thiamethoxam. 

Thiamethoxam is an extremely effective virus that destroys sugar beets. Such a decision has a huge downside as well. The bees will be harmed significantly with the large-scale usage of the bee harming pesticide.

Life in rivers and lakes would also suffer significant damage. George Eustice is the Secretary of Environment. He assured people that the product would be used only under emergency situations. 

Bee Harming Pesticide A Reason Of Concern 

The bee-harming pesticide was banned unanimously in the year 2018. Activists protested against the pesticide for its extremely toxic nature. 

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The recent sanctioning of the bee harming pesticide has enraged the mass once again. They have accused the authority of betrayal. Extensive studies have shown that these pesticides are causing a depletion in the population of bees. 

George Eustice stated that no flowering plants can be grown for thirty-two months after the sugar beet crops. This measure is expected to minimize the risk for the bees and other pollinating insects. 

However, concerns are not completely written off about the usage of bee-harming pesticides. 

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