Attractive Bee Influencer Creates A Massive Buzz On Instagram

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‘B’ is the first influencer ever to be an insect. This Bee Influencer is creating a great buzz on Instagram and other social media. B has only one goal in her mind: to raise funds for the conservation of bees. 

 This Bee influencer was created by Fondation de France.

Bees are a fundamental part of the ecosystem. They pollinate flowers and produce honey, which is also required as a source of nutrients. Bees make for great pollinators as they spend their entire lives collecting pollen. The pollen is a source of protein for its offspring. Even though such things are vital, the bees are slowly and silently disappearing.

About The Bee Influencer, B.

The Bee Influencer, B,  has chosen to dedicate her life to spreading awareness about this issue and also to encourage netizens to save bees. 

Bee Influencer

B records her beautiful life and even takes selfies to upload it on social media. She is just like the other influencers, except she’s a bee influencer. 

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The idea behind his venture was to get more followers. The more followers one has, the more brands would negotiate for a deal. B has worked with several big brands like Airbnb and Galeries Lafayette. She was the brand ambassador for this departmental store. 


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 This bee influencer does not just work with anybody with money. B chooses her brands selectively. The selected brands are engaged in programs that deal with biodiversity and have the approval of her agency.

The bee influencer has generated €150,000 in ads, in just 2 years. She has financed several projects to save bees. She has assisted in rebuilding habitats, spreading awareness, and teaching people about pesticides and their effects. It has converted several farmers into using a pollinator-friendly technique.  

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B had to meet a sad end after all her funding aims were met. She was killed by pesticides- a sad death for such a bee-utiful influencer. 

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