Bee Population Can Be Restored By Using Hemp

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Bee Population has witnessed a massive downward curve in the last few years. Extensive use of the bees for industrial purposes seems to be the culprit. The methods followed for extracting the honey are often harmful to the bees. A recent virus has also been found that is contributing to the large-scale deaths of bees. Thus, environmentalists are very much concerned about the ongoing phenomena. 

A study has stated that the total population of insects has diminished by almost forty percent in recent years. This should be stemmed immoderately. The researchers are fearful that if the death rate is not controlled, bees might become extinct. Thus, the insects should be made to live. Extensive research has been conducted on the matter all over the world. It looks like a group of scientists have come up with a possible answer. 

Biomass and Bioenergy” is a renowned journal. The journal speaks about ways to make the Earth a better place. A recent segment has enlightened us on the ongoing scenario with the bees. They have devised a possible method by which the population of the bees can be restored. Growing more hemp can help in reversing the mass death of the bees. 

This study has been successfully conducted by scientists at the University of Colorado. The study collected a large number of bees at a hemp farm. A harmless trap was set up to get hold of the bees. This experiment was conducted to see whether bees are attracted to hemp or not. Surprisingly enough, a significant number of bees were seen coming towards the plant. This made the scientists reach a decisive conclusion. 

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Bee Population Threat Can Be Solved With Hemp Plantation

Bee Population

The bee population responded significantly to the experiment. A possible explanation for their attention was the plant itself. Hemp contains a large number of pollen grains. This makes the plant very much interesting for the bee population. Hemp does not produce nectar, however, it is very rich in pollen. This nature of the plant makes it a great catch for the ecology. The ecological value of hemp is estimated to be significantly high. 

Apart from the pollens, the plant also contains important phytochemicals. The phytochemicals can be a lifesaver for the bee population. The chemical will be crucial to the bees to build their immune system. It will help them to fight against pathogens that can be deadly otherwise. The pollen from hemp also proves to be a great source of nutrition for the bee. It will keep the bee population healthy for more production.

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Bee Population Can Be Saved By Hemp Plantation 

A decline in the bee population is harmful in both ways. It will damage the ecological balance as well as hurt business. Lack of bees will result in a hike in the prices of its products. A large number of consumers and businesses are associated with bee farming. Thus, it is important to safeguard the welfare of the bee population. 

However, after the result of the study has come out, people are switching to hemp farming. Extensive hemp cultivation can truly be beneficial for the cause. However, scientists have also expressed their concerns. They are fearful that for more growth, farmers might use harmful pesticides on hemp. This can be deadly for the bee population. Thus, they have advised everyone to opt out of using harmful chemicals. 

The initiative to reverse the deaths in the bee population was taken by Barack Obama. He launched a task force that looked after the heath of the pollinating insects and birds. This program was launched in the year 2014. The recent experiment will surely be helpful in restoring the life of the bees.

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