Bihar Coaching Center Shows The Way To Green Revolution

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A Bihar Coaching Center is showing the way towards a greener world. The institute has so far aided in planting 110,000 trees. The coaching center was established in 2008. The motto of the founders of the coaching was very much. They started the institution with the mission of a green globe. The world has been plagued with pollution for a long time.

The more advanced we have become, the more harm we have caused to mother earth. Trees are being cut down, forests are being cleared for the sake of new establishments. This has resulted in some serious imbalance in the ecosystem. Species have ceased to exist. Modern machines and industries have also contributed to pollution.

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Harmful and toxic chemicals are being dumped in the river. Metals, toxic waste, are shoved down the water bodies untreated. All these practices have led to global warming, climate change. If these adversities are not stemmed, the existence of mankind might be endangered. Bihar Coaching Center devoted itself to saving the Earth and mankind. Let us find out more about the initiative below. 

Bihar Coaching Center Doing Wonders

Bihar is an Indian state. A coaching center in Bihar has come up with a marvelous approach. The Institute provides free education to all the students. But there is a catch. Each student has to plant a sapling in return for the education they receive. The students have to plant eighteen trees to get admitted. The institution vows to impart free education to the underprivileged. 

The initiative has helped society in a great way. Over 5000 students have benefited from the organization. Teachers of the Bihar coaching center prepare the students to excel in competitive exams. The environmentally friendly policy has also paid off. The local surrounding has witnessed a significant improvement in its greenery. 

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The most commonly planted saplings are the fruit trees. Samastipur, Darbhanga, Begusarai & Khagaria regions have reaped rich benefits. Rajesh Kumar Suman is the mastermind behind the idea. He stated that a person inhales oxygen equivalent to that emitted by eighteen plants. The institution is located in the Rosera Block of Samastipur district. Over 450 pupils expressed their gratitude for finding a government job through the institution’s coaching.

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