Biodegradable Burial Pods Are Transforming Human Bodies Into Trees

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An organization in Italy named Capsula Mundi has a very curious mission: being the masters of green burial. The company is looking to reinvent how we see death using a biodegradable burial pod. In Capsula Mandi’s ideal vision, we will no longer be visiting cemeteries to see our lost loved ones. Rather, we will visit glorious forests.

biodegradable burial pod
biodegradable burial pod

A way has been created by Capsula Mundi that can convert the remains of humans into lush trees. Their final vision includes burying people in biodegradable pods shaped like eggs. After burying the capsule in the dirt, the company will also plant a tree above the site as a memorial for the person. The burial pod and body will decompose and give the nutrients needed by the tree.

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Friends and families will be asked to take care of the maturing tree. Formal markers will not be there like regal gravestones or crosses. But, there will be a GPS to know which tree belongs to which loved one.

Where Did The Biodegradable Burial Pod Idea Come From?

The idea was thought up by Raoul Bretzel and Anna Citelli, two Italian designers. The website of Capsula Mundi says that the artists started thinking about the design world completely leaving out death. Death is usually considered taboo. But its impact on the environment is very high. The artists say that these thoughts gave rise to Capsula Mundi.

The central aim of Capsula Mundi is to make burial more sustainable environmentally. They do not want forests being cut down so that more coffins can be made. Rather, they would like more forests to grow.

The organization from Italy also thinks about reimagining the negative view surrounding death that society has. Again, the website of Capsula Mundi explains that the aim is to fundamentally change the way culture approaches death. They would like to bring it in line with a more holistic vision – after death, we will continue to be in the life cycle. Moreover, we will also leave an inspiring legacy behind for those we loved and for those who will come in the future of our planet.

The Future Of Capsula Mundi

Prototypes of capsules that can contain a full adult body are still in development. Moreover, all the countries in the world do not allow this burial type. It is illegal in Italy as well, from where Capsula Mundi is from.

For now, those willing can buy an urn in the shape of an egg. After cremation, they can then place the ashes in it. They are available in white with a price tag of $465, and sand-color with a slightly higher price tag of $510.

biodegradable burial pod
biodegradable burial pod

Capsula Mundi has no involvement with any funeral homes presently. But they say that the idea is a part of their plans. Their website says that they are always willing to work with directors of funeral homes who want to spread more trees.

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The uncomfortable atmosphere of cemeteries is an ironic truth. Especially so because they are one of the places that people often visit. Instead, imagine we would be visiting forests while remembering loved ones. It is better than concrete, cold cemeteries anyway. For those who are looking for environmental alternatives for traditional burial, these biodegradable burial pods are quite interesting.

Capsula Mundi thinks of trees as a connecting symbol between the sky and the earth. The organization encourages the thought of humans returning to nature. In place of being pumped with harmful toxins and being buried in a coffin, humans can become a component of nature once more. Basically, Capsula Mundi wants to speed up the decomposition process instead of slowing it down.

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