Black Communities Will Be Affected By Rapid Flooding

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Black communities have been found more prone to climate change. Climate change is one of the hottest topics at the moment. Scientists all over the world are emphasizing the need to curb the levels of pollution.

Pollution has reached an all-time high recently. Almost every aspect of nature is prone to pollution. Land, Air, and Wind have suffered a lot of abuse from humans over the years. Plastics, harmful chemicals, and fossil fuels all have contributed to the increasing levels of pollution.

The spike in pollution levels has directly affected the well-being of the climate. Global warming, melting of polar ice caps, and rise in the Earth’s temperature are some serious effects of changing climate.

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Experts believe that if these adversities are not dealt with immediately, mankind will cease to exist. One of the biggest problems has been the gradual heating of the Earth. Rising levels of carbon components in the air trap a lot of heat. They are unable to escape the atmosphere causing an abnormal temperature rise.


The sudden spike in temperature results in unforeseen floods. The black communities are most likely to suffer from whimsical changes in the atmospheric pattern. A recent study stated that the black communities are comparatively weak in terms of finance. They also live near the coastal areas where the effects of the floods can be disastrous.

The study clearly states that sudden flooding at the coastal will gradually increase over the next thirty years. This leaves the low-income communities in a spot of great bother. Hurricanes and rise in sea levels are likely to go up by twenty-six percent in the coming years.

The aforementioned study was executed by a group of researchers from the UK and USA. They coined their study as ”  Inequitable patterns of US flood risk in the Anthropocene”. It was published recently in the “Nature Climate Change” journal.

Let us learn more about the threat flooding will have on black communities. 

Black Communities Likely To Suffer The Wrath Of Climate Change

The current cost for flooding stands at a hefty $32billion. However, with the way things are going, this cost could shoot up to $40.6billion within the year 2050. Dr.Oliver Wing led the research team.

He stated that the financially weaker sections of the society were being asked to shoulder the burden. Oliver found this wrong and voiced his concerns straight away. The study stated that the black communities are in greater danger than the whites in the US.

This is because of the lack of proportion in the financial status. The US has experienced a lot of flooding in recent years. Almost ninety percent of natural disasters involve flooding. A study from Carbon Brief stated that an inch of damage to a home due to flood can cost up to $25000.

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This is a huge amount and most of the black communities will probably find it difficult to bear. 

Black Communities: Risk Of Damage Looms Large Over Financially Weaker Sections

The study by Dr.Oliver Wing clearly states that covering the damages from the floods will not be cheap. Unfortunately, the low-income black communities dwell in areas that are prone to flooding.

They suffer from a lack of resources to combat the after-effects of flooding. Kristina Dahl is an experienced scientist who studies the climate. Kristina told the press that black communities will also struggle significantly to gather funds for cleaning up the mess.

What is scarier is that the climate will continue to change despite the efforts to curb carbon emissions. Dr.Wing said that even if the rate of carbon components goes down for the next thirty years, the climate will continue to deteriorate. 

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