Blind Dog Relies On Small Brother To Explore The Surroundings

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You might see them and think that the dogs are so happy but the story behind the blind dog and his brother is really heartbreaking. The dogs share an incredible bond and can get over any obstacle in their life.

The Blind Dog And Her Unlucky Family

The Siblings, Star and Denver had the most difficult life that a dog can have. They were dumped at a roadside in Louisiana, along with their mom and 6 other siblings. You might think that this is quite bad but this is nothing compared to the fact that Star was a blind dog. She was born blind and deaf. The connection that she built with her brother is quite special and he helps her walk through any obstacle in life.

Blind Dog

A kind couple had rescued the family and the siblings are safe for the time being. The dogs met with another bad luck when no foster homes could be found for them. Star and Denver along with their 6 brothers moved to San Diego to the Helen Woodward Centre. All the puppies were adopted here, except the blind dog and her brother.

Blind Dog

Star’s condition is quite delicate and it is impossible to separate them. Denver has taken up the responsibility to guide his sister to explore the world around him. They have not found a family that will accept them but have found comfort in themselves, in ways that were never seen before. 

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Whenever Star is lost, Denver will check-up with her and play with her. The blind dog and her brother play tumble and chew on stuffed toys just like normal puppies. Star smells for her brother when she feels lost and will move around till she runs into him.

Blind Dog

The brother is always attentive and caring with his sister. He has built an incredible relation and will always be there for her.

When she wants to move, she will put one paw out in front of the other, just to gauge the area. Denver is always vigilant of her requirements even when the blind dog is around humans. 

Image Credits: Helen Woodward Animal Center

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