Blind Elephant Welcomed At Sanctuary, Was Rescued From A Circus

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A 30-year old blind elephant was saved from a circus and met her herd for the first time. 

This heartwarming moment was caught on camera in the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. Netizens were in awe as a blind elephant was welcomed into a herd and were surprised by the sensitivity expressed by these massive creatures. 

blind elephant

The blind elephant was known as Ploy Thong and has a sad past.

Ploy Thong: The Blind Elephant

Ploy Thong had to carry people on her back after she was rejected from a circus. She had to walk around the streets of Thailand for more than 16 years and was rescued by the Save Elephant Foundation.

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Everything in her life changed when she arrived at the elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai.

blind elephant

Ploy was blind in both her eyes and had to transport tourists every day of her life. She had to be saddled early in the morning and keep carrying riders till the sunset in Thailand. Since both her eyes were blind, she had to sniff her way using her trunk while the happy tourist rode on her back.

blind elephant

When Ploy arrived at her new location, she sent low vibrations to let everyone know that she had reached. The herd was excited and looked quite happy to see her. They all rushed to greet the blind elephant and make her feel welcome in the Elephant Nature Park.

Elephants might be large animals but they are quite sensitive. They have an excellent memory and can remember small incidents that had taken place, decades ago. These animals are well-known for their intelligence, social complexities, and close family ties. Their society is fluid and can form strong relations with their families, clans, bond groups, and even strangers. 

blind elephant

The first few moments of Ploy Thong in the sanctuary ensured the staff that she would be protected and loved by the herd for the rest of her life. The blind elephant had a sad past but the officials believe that the future is quite bright for this beautiful mammal.

Image credits: SaveElephantFoundation

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