Blue Whales Are Returning To The Atlantic Coast After 40 Years

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Experts are scared that the change in the climate has led to blue whales coming back to the location where they were previously hunted.

Blue Whales are the largest mammal on the planet and are returning to the Spanish Atlantic Coast. They have been absent in that region for 40 years.

Spotting The Blue Whales On The Spanish Coasts

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The first whale was spotted near the Galician coast, which is in the northern part of Spain. It was spotted by Bruno Diaz, in 2017. Bruno was a marine biologist and was leading the Bottlenose Dolphin Research in Galicia.

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The second whale was seen in 2018 which was followed by some in 2019 and 2020. A whale from a different species was seen near the Islas Cies, in O Grove, about a week ago.

Diaz was not sure of the reason why the mammals were changing their habitats and was returning to an area where they were hunted to extinction. He claims that climate change might be behind this phenomenon.

Before the ban was imposed in the 1980s, blue whales disappeared due to extensive whaling. It is more than 40 years, that we are seeing these whales return. These whales might be the descendants of the ones that survived in the 80s.

Some people are not happy to see the whales return back to the Atlantic Coast.

Alfredo Lopez believes that climate is the reason behind this. Alfredo works at the Galician NGO that studies marine mammals. 

The blue whales do not move towards the south of the equator. It is estimated that global warming has pushed their line northwards and has reduced their habitats. The food that they naturally consume is also reducing in large amounts and experts say that such is event is not to be celebrated.


Blue whales are typically 20-25m long and can weigh up to 120 tonnes. The weight can be compared to the total weight of 16 elephants. Some of the blue whales can also grow up to 30m and weigh around 170 tonnes.

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