Border Collies Help Chile Implement Reforestation

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A video of Border Collies Reforesting Chile has gone viral all over the internet. Netizens are in love with these cute little puppies who are running around the Chilean forest, spreading seeds and bringing back its former glory.

 2017 was the worst year in Chile’s history when they experienced their worst wildfire. It destroyed 1,500 homes and killed 11 people, at least. All the neighboring countries sent their best resources to fight the fire, but the region was left charred after the fire was extinguished.

A few months after the disaster, border collies were employed to restore the damaged environment.

How The Border Collies Rescued The Chilean Forest

Border collies

Das, Olivia, and Summer were the famous border collies that were employed in the reforestation. They had a special outfit that was brimming with seeds. Their mission was just to run around the forest.

These special outfits left a trail of seeds behind these puppies. The owners of the dogs believed that these seeds will grow roots and bloom and it will slowly bring the Chilean forest back to life.

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It might be a serious piece of work for the humans but the collies are having the time of their lives.

Francisca Torres told the media that the collies are loving it. Francisca is the owner of the helpers. The leader of the pack is Das and the ones who follow her are Summer and Olivia, who is only 2 years old. Das is 6 years old.

Investing Time In Reforestation

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Francica started this initiative in March 2017 and kept returning to the forest regularly, every six months. Francisca came out with backpacks filled with seeds and the border collies ran around the forest, reforesting. Constanza, her sister, helped the puppies too. She helped her pack the seeds and fill the outfits with the seeds and also control the endless canine energy. The sisters are planning to resume their plan, once again. 

Francisca stated that they travel with the puppies along with the backpacks filled with seeds. Once they reach the forest, the collies run havoc with their seeds.

The collies are given treats every time they finish their pack of seeds and return straight to their owners. They wait there patiently for refilling the seeds and go back to their tasks again.

These border collies can cover 18 miles in one day and can spread around 20 pounds of native seeds.

The collies might be enjoying their races and treats but this small initiative has paid off enormously. Many of the native flora and fauna came back to the charred landscape.

Francisca runs Pewos, which is a community that trains dogs for assistance. The organization is completely dog-oriented. 

Training The Collies

Border collies

The border collies will be back at their reforestation stations but right now, they are being trained with sheep. Discipline and obedience are the other two aspects that these border collies are being trained into.  

The herding of sheep is an important task as these collies require self-control to keep at their task and not chase any other animal on the way. These dogs might encounter wild animals while scampering through the forest, so this training is really beneficial. It will also be time-consuming if these collies are found chasing rabbits instead of doing what they were meant to do.

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Torress pays for all the seeds herself, aided by her sister. They also bear the cost of transportation and obtaining other supplies.

Francisca believes that border collies are the smartest dogs in the land and they are perfect for such a job. 

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