Brazilian Artist Uses Used Tires To Make New Beds For Animals

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A Brazilian artist has proved to the world that a good heart shines brighter than anything else in the world.

brazilian artist

Amarildo Silva is a Brazilian artist with a golden heart and has dedicated more than a year to providing comfort and joy to animals. This young Brazilian craftsman turns old tires into decorated and comfortable beds and is not willing to stop now.

How The Brazilian Artist Began His Work

Amarildo was looking for a way to make some more money, exactly two years ago, and wanted to utilize the waste that people throw away in the streets. He always loved to make handicrafts with items that were discarded and no longer of any use.

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The Brazilian artist would do his creative best to make something new out of it. It was his own way of contributing to the environment and making some extra dollars in the process.

brazilian artist

Amarildo, later, realized that old and unused tires were used by street dogs as a refuge. He then came up with a brilliant idea to make it more comfortable for these animals and to bring them the feeling of having a home.

brazilian artist

The Brazilian artist collected the old tires from the streets and took them home in his backyard. He, now, has a dedicated room to store all these tires.

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Amarildo does all the hard work to separate the tires. He cuts, washes, and also paints them to look more aesthetic. He loves to portray his creativity and create a unique design for each of these tires. He also writes the name of the animal to whom the bed will belong.

brazilian artist

The Brazilian artist managed to unite the two things that he loved the most: creating something new and helping animals. He believes that this crafts project will do its part to contribute to a sustainable environment. He will also do his best to present even more innovative ideas for generating a socio-environmental impact.

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