Bullfighting Should Not Be Encouraged

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Bullfighting is one of the most famous sports in the world. This form of sport is most common in countries like Spain and Portugal. However, countries like Southern France, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador are also known to conduct the sport.

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The game is a brutal one with a high fatality rate. Bulls are usually teased by matadors and are finally killed. Bulls are being forcefully entered into closed arenas. The matadors tease the bull significantly with red capes.

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The enraged bull runs towards the matadors only to exhaust its energy. The game is divided into three parts. After the initial teasing from the men called matadors, another set of men enters the scene. These men enter by riding on horses and are termed, picadors. The Picadors cruelly drive lances into the neck and the back of the bull.

This impacts the muscles of the adjacent areas in a great way. Such an act leads to impairment of the body parts. The bull finds it very much difficult to keep its head up after the torture. The picadors inflict more pain and damage by twisting the lances further.

A significant amount of blood is lost from the bull’s body making it weak. Unfortunately, the procedure of torture does not stop here. After the picadors are done, the Matadors enter again and start teasing the bull. The physically tormented and exhausted bull tries to dash at the red cape a few times.

The bulls eventually give up until the matador kills the animal with his sword. In the most unfortunate manner, this whole process is repeated several times resulting in the cruel killing of more than one bull in a day.

Some matadors prefer bulls that are calm and not easily excited. This way, the game would go on longer and the bull can be tortured more brutally. Activists all around the world are heavily criticizing the ritual of bullfighting.

Let us learn more about the sport of bullfighting in detail below. 

Bullfighting Should Be Stopped Immediately

Bullfighting is one of the cruelest games in the modern world. The sport involves the mindless slaughtering of innocent bulls by humans. This sport has been like a ritual in countries like Spain.

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However, recent times have seen a huge wave of criticism against the heinous sport. The animal rights activists have come together for banning the sport. They stated that the form of sport is inhumane.

The activists also said that such types of sports should not exist in the modern civilized world. Some action has already been incorporated by a few organizations. Pope St.Pius V announced that such form of sport is banned from Christian piety and charity.

He said that bullfighting is so cruel, it cannot be a human sport. The Pope referred to the sport as a custom of the devil. The state of Catalonia also restricted all forms of bullfights way back in 2010.

Unfortunately, the Constitutional Court of Spain overruled the decision in the year 2016. This resulted in the sport resurfacing in a full-fledged manner. 

Bullfighting: A Disgrace To Humanity 

A strong stand should be taken against bullfighting. Spectators should boycott sports and come together in favor of its abolishment.

Sadly, that is not the case. As much as nineteen percent of the Spanish population are in favor of the sport. A survey conducted in the year 2016 came up with this shocking revelation.

However, several states in the country of Mexico have made the sport illegal. As tourists, one can do their part by not supporting bullfighting.

If someone is traveling to a country that has bullfighting, he/she should refrain from visiting the arena. This will, in turn, affect the revenue of the sport and might result in the abolishment of the same. 

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