Cactus Vegan Leather Will Save Billion Animals In The World

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A Cactus vegan leather developed by a couple of entrepreneurs has the potential to replace conventional animal leather and will save a billion animals in Mexico and around the world.

Marte Cazarez and Adrian Velarde were involved in creating a compassionate alternative to the animal variety. A month ago they launched Desserto, their first batch of organic leather that uses only prickly-pear or nopal cactus.

Producing the cactus vegan leather doesn’t involve any cruelty towards animals and is totally natural. Thus over time, it will save animals in Mexico and other leather producing and processing countries around the world.

Their cactus vegan leather is as tough and flexible as animal leather and has the potential to be used for leather goods, the automobile sector for upholstery, in the fashion industry, and even for making certain types of furniture.

The Mexican Cactus Vegan Leather Will Save Billion Animals In Countries Around The World

The cactus vegan leather ultimately will save many animals from a cruel end, and at the same time is as flexible, durable, and breathable as animal leather. The unique product has the potential to become the perfect replacement for both the synthetic and animal varieties of leather. Velarde and Cazarez worked on the vegan leather and after making many improvements through intense research and development, they finally came up with the final version of the cactus leather. The vegan leather is soft and it is difficult to distinguish it from animal or synthetic leather.

Their research finally culminated in the creation of an appropriate material that adheres to both the technical and mechanical specifications of the industries that require synthetic or animal leather. It matches almost all features of the conventional forms of leather. It is biodegradable, has pores that make it breathable, and has a durability of 10 years.

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Most of the toxic chemicals and bleaches used for making synthetic and animal leather need not be used in the production of cactus vegan leather. It also uses far less water, is free from any phthalates and toxic PVC and chemicals. Last month Velarde and Cazarez showcased their creation in Milan at the International Leather Fair.

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