Canada Goose Skips Use Of Fur On Winter Clothes

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While analysts have said that the move by Canada Goose has been driven largely by consumer demand and taste, the luxury outerwear manufacturer will stop the use of fur in its products by the end of 2022.

The move has come after decades of criticism over the company’s use of coyote fur plus as the industry moves towards a wider acceptance of sustainability.

The move comes amidst reports that Hold Renfrew will also stop the sale of products made of fur by the year-end. Even as the industry is shifting towards green and recycled material and making a conscious move to shun animal products, the delay by Canada Goose had many consumers up in arms.

The consumers are the driving force, said Farla Efros, head of HRC Retail Advisory. Knowledgeable consumers have rejected the use of fur in large numbers and have put immense pressure on manufacturers to shed its use. Many of Canada Goose’s peers in the industry including Gucci, Versace, and Michael Kors have already stopped the sale of products that use fur in them. Nike and Gap are also making mindful efforts to make products more eco-friendly as consumers become more eco-conscious.

Canada Goose Move More Business Driven

The use of its fur in its parkas had been the most contentious decision. The company first moved into using reclaimed fur in its $1,000 parkas last year and has finally announced its decision to shun the touchy product.

But Canada Goose said that it will continue to use natural downs for jackets. Geese are killed painfully for these downs and animal-rights activists have ridiculed these halfway measures of the company.

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The move by Canada Goose will affect 5 to 10 percent of sales but as younger people move away from the use of fur or other animal products in their apparel, the movie will have long-term gains for the company.

Youngsters are expected to return to the brand after the move by Canada Goose. Efros believes that it will garner a strong positive consumer response and will have a phenomenal affirmative effect in the long term.

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