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Underwater Museum And Its Attempt To Save The Coral Reef

Jason deCaires Taylor, an instructor in diving, has been creating for the past 12 years. His wanderings known as ‘paparazzo’ along with a set...

Ocean Conservation Has Been Deeply Affected By The Ongoing Pandemic!

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is believed to be on its home stretch. This provides an opportunity to evaluate the impacts of this raging pandemic...

Marine Life May Trigger Mass Extinction By Migrating From The Equator To Cooler Waters

The Equator with its tropical water is best known to shelter rich diverse marine life across the globe. We can find vibrantly colored coral...

Stop Before Your Party Balloons Kill All The Seabirds

If you love the sight of waves of seabirds gliding over the oceans, the dumbest thing you could do is to send up those...

Sea Level Rise: Ominous Effect Of Global Warming And Climate Change

Climate change has been a pro-active phenomenon and the repercussions are extensive and irreversible. One of the most significant and disturbing impacts of climate...

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