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Burkina Faso Faces An Uncertain Future As The Parched Land Forces Women Into Hard Labor

It has been three years since the last rains in Burkina Faso, and the land-locked African nation battles drought and desertification. Women who were...

Wish-cycling Is Unintentionally Trashing The Recycling Industry

Wish-cycling has done nothing but harmed the recycling industry. It is the habit of tossing the trash into the recycling bin, expecting that it...

Quitting Single-Use Plastics: A Major Step Towards Building A Safer World

Scientists have been sending out red alerts for a long time that the disposal of all waste matter is not proper. Hence, the greatest...

If Given Voice: Creating A Universe Where The Voiceless Might Be Heard

For us humans, being able to speak is one of the traits we pride ourselves on. It is a natural gift that has let...

Climate Refugees: A Huge Section Left Stranded By The World

65.6 million climate refugees are completely stranded across the world. Recently significant worldwide diplomats met in Geneva and New York to reach upon some...

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