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Solar Canal Operation Is California’s Power Move

The solar arrays placed atop the canals in India have emerged as a huge inspiration for the researchers of California. The installation is known...

Rainforest Logging In British Columbia’s Great Bear Is A Huge Loophole

Logging companies still discover new ways to acquire the largest and oldest trees despite the new-age rules surrounding ‘sustainable ecosystem’ that prevents forestry. This...

1st Amazon Environmental Sustainability & Fiscal Program Approved By World Bank

Recently the Board of Directors of the World Bank have eventually approved the first-ever Amazon Financial and Environmental Sustainability Program. This project is aiming...

Food Waste: Factors That Contribute To The Global Loss Of Food Resources

What is food waste? How does it take place? What are the right measures to solve this massive problem? Almost 40% of the food waste...

Once Fire-Proof Amazon Rainforests Turned Inflammable 

The Amazon rainforests are widely considered as the lungs of the planet for a good reason. Protecting the forests and wetlands has become crucial...

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