Changing Animals: A Side-effect Of Climate Change

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Changing Animals have been spotted by researchers recently. The rapid increase in pollution levels has led to several changes. These changes range from the melting of glaciers to global warming. All these factors have contributed largely to climate change. Climate, as we know, has undergone a drastic change in the recent past. The temperatures and the traditional weather patterns have been tweaked.

Climate change is an alarming phenomenon. This can lead to some serious consequences. Some of its ill effects include frequent droughts, unstable weather conditions, heating up of oceans, etc. These climate changes have taken a toll on the animal kingdom as well. A recent study stated that animals have begun changing their shape to cope up with the climate. 

Changing Animals Spotted In Recent Studies

changing animals

A recently conducted study has produced some shocking discoveries. Climate change has affected animals and birds to such an extent that they are shape-shifting. The study was conducted by Sara Ryding, a researcher at the University of Deakin(Australia). She stated that the birds were among the most affected of all the animals. 

To cope up with the rapid change in climatic conditions, the birds are encountering abnormal growth in their body. The study has recorded numerous accounts of birds having enlarged beaks, ears & legs. These enlarged body parts aid in better regulation of body temperature. The parrots of Australia tops the list of experiencing the most drastic changes. They experienced enlargement of their beaks by almost 10%. 

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These changing animals might not be coping with the changing climate, feels Ryding. She stated that evolution is evident among animals. However, it does not necessarily guarantee that the animals successfully withstood the climate crisis. The evolution has so far paid off. However, how the birds will react if the climate worsens further is an area of concern. 

The issue of Changing animals should be dealt with caution, says Ryding. She said that we should not perceive bodily changes as something positive. Rather we should work in unison towards reducing the level of pollution. The abuse towards nature should not be left unchecked. Otherwise, it will only be a matter of time till civilization will cease to exist. 

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