Cheering Dog Dances With Her Owner, Charms Netizen’s Heart

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By now, the internet has more than enough proof of how adorable and loyal pet dogs are. To add to that, here is another animal video that has recently gone viral on the internet. It features a cheering dog having the time of its life while watching its owner’s performance.

As difficult it is to say for sure whether dogs are not the most adorable pets that we can have on Earth, they sure make a solid case for it. Dogs, when properly taken care of and looked after, are known to nurture their owners with love. Even if the whole world will turn their back to them, dog owners know that their canine friends will always look up to them.

Always Appreciate The Wonderful Pets

It is very difficult to find creatures that will support as you much as a pet dog. You will also very rarely find the level of admiration that they show, even among other humans. What’s more, is that pet dogs make sure you are always aware of it. Dog owners will tell you how joyful dogs are, and how, unlike other pets, a loyal dog will always stay by your side. No matter if you are displaying your talent for the world to see, or just in a rough spot in your life.

Even if a pet dog cannot speak, they can express even more with their actions. It has long been believed that dogs are one of the creatures who have the best understanding of the emotions of their human owners. Especially if the human is someone they loved or who they grew up with. Their understanding is so good, that you will often find pet owners preferring to talk to their dogs and not the people around them. And dogs do not even ask anything in return. Their whole motive behind caring and protecting their favorite person is to express their love for the people.

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As such, the internet has been filled with videos of adorable dogs doing adorable things. It is almost like every day when a new pet dog video pops up that becomes a top contender for being the cutest. Recently, another video has gone viral for winning the hearts of millions of netizens.

The Cheering Dog His Owner’s Best Support

The viral animal video shows a girl performing a dance while a traditional song is playing. The girl is dancing outdoors, and the background is blurred. But even with her being the focus, her pet dog in the background was stealing the spotlight. There was a dog, out of focus, in the background of the girl dancing with all its might. Well, it wasn’t really dancing as much as it was trying to cheer on its owner. Sreejith Trikkara shared the video for the first time on Facebook. Of course, netizens swarmed the video with all the affection and love they could muster for both the artists – the girl and the cheering dog.

cheering dog

The cheering dog animal video that has gone viral is only half a minute long, so it will not take much of your time. The girl is seen wearing a classical suit known as salwar while dancing to the song. While she keeps dancing accurately with the rhythm, her pet cheering dog is seen using his paws to clap, cheering the girl on in her beautiful performance.

The cheering dog was visibly excited by the dance moves showcased by the girl. After ending the performance, the girl immediately went over to the cheering dog and hugged him tightly. Like every other loving owner, she knew whom to appreciate for the supportive gesture.

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More than 3 lakh views have been garnered by the video since it was posted. Several users wanted the cheering dog and the girl to perform again. Most others filled the comments with love and heart emojis.

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