China Food Waste Law Clamps Down On Binge-Eating Videos: Illegal Even To Order Too Much Food

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Videos of YouTubers who rake in millions just by gorging on insane quantities of food on camera have raised the hackles of authorities in China. China Food Waste Law has clamped down on such wasteful behavior. The China Food Waste Law also made it unlawful to order huge quantities of food to see it go waste. Citizens visiting restaurants are now required by new rules to order no more than the right quantity of food. It is not clear though what constitutes the right quantity.

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The sweeping china food waste law is a bit confusing and for millions, it could upset the pleasing experience of dining out. last year Xi Jinping, the Chinese premier had termed ‘distressing’ the problem of food waste and said that it threatened the nation’s food security. The Chine food waste law has already come into effect and is part of the country’s campaign to rein in food waste.

Pandemic Triggered China Food Waste Law

The making or binge-eating videos have also been banned. Though the country is not in the grip of a food shortage, the premier said that the pandemic should be a wake-up call to secure the food supply system.

The UN World Food Programme has reported that disruption in the worldwide food system has led to chronic shortages in many parts of the world, while food has gone waste in other parts for non-availability of transport. Millions are facing starvation as a result.

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The local Chinese authorities have pitched in with their measures to implement the China food waste law immediately. Officials visited restaurants and canteens to inspect instances of food wastage. Major food chains and restaurants have come up with the ‘N-1’ meal system whereby the prepared number of meals is fewer than the guests. Other restaurants have decided to cut down on the size of the potions. A restaurant in Changsha in central China has placed a weighing scale and gives food recommendations based on the weight of the customer.

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Under the China food waste law, videos sites glorifying binge-eating have been yanked from China’s version of TikTok, Douyin. The state media has estimated that as much as 35M tons of foodstuff get wasted annually in the country. The American Department of Agriculture has reported that the wastage is much higher in the US with 66M tons being dumped annually for a nation with one-sixth the population of China. 

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China Food waste law

Restaurants in China could face a fine of around $1,550 for tempting customers into buying excess quantities of food, thus encouraging wasteful behavior. It is a custom in China to order food much more than the required quantity, just to demonstrate people’s wealth and position. A bakery in Nanjing was the first to be cautioned. They were found dumping pastries that were not the right shape and also those more than a day old. The bakery has assured that they would donate or give them away as free samples.

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