Chinese Heavy Rains Continue To Wreak Havoc In The Cities

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Around twelve individuals have been found dead within the underground rail system in China due to the Chinese Heavy Rains. The torrential downpour has led the central province of Henan to lead the evacuation of its citizens as the buildings and dams look immensely vulnerable to the imposing rain. There have been multiple images shared on social media that have confirmed the demise of almost 12 passengers who were up to their necks in water. Several other passengers filmed the movement of this rain as it rose within the tunnels.

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Chinese Heavy Rains Renders Citizens Helpless

The city authorities have stated that more than 500 individuals have already been pulled to safety from the subway which was flooded due to the Chinese heavy rains. One of the survivors mentioned their ordeal on social media- talking about how the water reached their chest. But what was really horrifying wasn’t the amount of water in the carriage, but the reducing air supply inside the bogey itself. The rains also managed to put a halt on the bus services in the city which has a population of about 12 million people. This led to most of the citizens taking the subway- which resulted in an even bigger tragedy.

Chinese Heavy Rains

According to the media, a total of 1.24 million people found themselves directly affected by the Chinese heavy rains. Around 160,000 individuals have also been evacuated from their vulnerable households. Unfortunately, seven individuals have been reported missing- while two others died when a wall collapsed. According to reports, not just streets, subways, hotels, and buildings have been waterlogged, the entire transport system in the city has come to a complete halt. Incidentally, the Shaolin Temple has also been hit by floods, which has usually been seen as the hub of Buddhist monks.

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Authorities have already issued high warning levels for the province of Henan as the Chinese heavy rains continue to wreak havoc in the region. With the scale of disaster rising exponentially, the army in China has already warned the citizens of Zhengzhou city that a nearby dam could very well collapse at any point of time after it has been damaged by the torrential storms.

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