Chinese influencer who tried to eat a large wasp in exchange for likes got what he deserved

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Chinese influencer Wang Can’s video of himself eating a wasp in front of the camera went viral.
After the video went viral, the video had over 100,000 views, and Wang Can had planned to repeat the trick on Sunday and was prevented from doing so since his account was suspended.

Wang Can was seen clutching a wasp in a pair of chopsticks in the video that he posted. He said, “Even though I am a little worried, I will eat it anyhow,” before swallowing the wasp.

He was quickly rushed to the hospital for additional care after developing swollen lips, eyes, and difficulties swallowing.

Wang has drawn notice from the public due to his attention-seeking antics and “revolting taste.”

“This is not at all funny. It could threaten your life. He ought to take responsibility for his actions as an adult and refrain from misleading children, said a commenter on Douyin.

In recent years, Chinese influencers have adopted the stunt of eating unusual things to increase traffic and monetize their accounts.

Late in July, Tizi, a food vlogger, was prohibited from using all major social media platforms when she live-streamed herself preparing and eating what local officials eventually identified as a young great white shark, a protected species in China.

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